"America": The Brand Name

by Hugh Mungus

I wonder how many such men in America would know that Communism, the New Deal, Fascism, Nazism, are merely so-many-trade-names for collectivist Statism, like the trade-names for toothpastes, which are all exactly alike except for the flavoring.

- Albert Jay Nock

You're so certain everything around you is real. You've never stopped to consider you may be existing in an illusion.

"This is reality," you tell yourself. "If anybody doesn't believe so, they're crazy!" you assert.

Yet, I can prove you are now, and have - since your inception - resided in nothing but an illusion. Consider the following:

Let's say you exist in what almost everybody refers to as the "United States." Fly above the planet in a commercial jet airliner, during a clear day. Look down at the ground below. Do you see any of these "United States?"

Of course not. You don't know where one "state" ends, and "another" begins. There are no definitive demarcations.

Even if there were, do you think weeds would recognize those man-made boundaries - only growing inside "Idaho," refusing to grow outside the borders of that "state?"

No fucking way, and if you did, we both agree you'd be delusional.

Akin to viewing no borders around "states," upon flying above the planet, you'll also find no delineations between "nations."

So, if there are no "countries," that means there's no "America." And if there's no "America," how can there be "Americans?" The obvious answer is, there can't.

Moreover, if "America" doesn't exist, than neither does "American ingenuity," "American ideals," "the American Dream," American Idol, the "American League," or "National League" - for that matter, since there are no "nations" - "American" flags, "American Pie," "America's" favorite this or that, or anything at all labelled "American" or with an "America."

"It's the news 'America' trusts most." The "American Revolution." "American Airlines." If there's no "America," none of it's real, is it?

It's just a sales pitch to coerce you into supporting those who've created it, so they can control as much of the population as possible. You buy shit all the time, simply because it's "American made," don't you?

"I don't care if I'll be gettin' 23 more miles to the gallon in that thing! It's made in Taiwan, goddamnit! I'm buyin' American!"

Since "America" is simply a marketing ploy, and doesn't exist in tactile form, Donald Trump's rallying cry - "Make America Great Again" - takes on new meaning. If "America" doesn't exist, then it's nothing palpable. Hence, what Trump is surreptitiously saying is: "Make Nothing Great Again," which he's obviously doing.

Trump doesn't believe in "America." No president has. Again, the word "America" is a brand name with which to sell the populace into enslavement.

You could've called this region Teddansonville. Create a fuckload of flags "representing" such, and beat it into people's skulls this area stands for "Happiness, Harmony and Hope." Folks would've bought the product, the same way they bought "America." Those selling this nothing would end up controlling you under the dominion of some other make-believe shit called Teddansonville.

Feeling stupid for believing the obvious marketing ploy you've had plunged up your asshole, while forced down your throat?

Good, because this only gets worse.

Now that I've proven "countries" don't exist - and you're delusional if you believe they do - this also means there's no "Chinese food," nothing's "made in China," "made in India," nor "made in Japan."

Just as there's no "Captain American," there's no "Russian winter," nor "English Breakfast tea."

And since "countries" aren't real, how can "states" be, either?

The answer is, they can't. The only thing tangible denoting one "state" from "another" is a fuckin' sign!

People don't exist in "California," "Florida" nor "Tennessee," because "California," "Florida" and "Tennessee" don't exist. That said, you'll buy all kinds of crap - thereby supporting a monetary system designed to enslave you - because you're a "Titan fan."

Since the land area of the globe has been parceled out among particular States ["countries"], one of the basic doctrines of the State was to identify itself with the territory it governed.

Since most men tend to love their homeland, the identification of that land, and its people with the State, was a means of making natural patriotism work to the State's advantage.

If Ruritania was being attacked by Waldavia, the first task of the State and its intellectuals, was to convince the people of Ruritania that the attack was really upon them, and not simply upon the ruling caste. In this way, a war between rulers was converted into a war between peoples, with each people coming to the defense of its rulers, in the erroneous belief that the rulers were defending them.

- Anatomy of the State

Superlative use of your brain, friend! You're not only locking the shackles around your wrists for your captors, you're segregating yourself from your species. Thereby, you're advocating the basic "divide and conquer" tactic being used to incarcerate you, and everyone else.

If somebody you've never met walked up to you, asserting, "There's a 'state' around both of us, extending to the street corner, to the grocery store north of that, 53 feet to the west, and back again to where we stand," you'd tell 'em to go fuck themselves!

Yet, you believe government-designated "state" boundaries exist, even though they're equally invisible.

Do you like being taken advantage of, laughed at, and played for the fool?!

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