In Goddess We Trust

by Hugh Mungus

It is a wise rule to resist the beginnings of evil.

- Horace Scudder

Where are the contemporary monotheisms with a goddess at the helm?

You hear it all the time. In fact, you probably say it, without thinking twice: "Thank God."

Why isn't anybody - let alone everybody - thanking Goddess?

"By the grace of God!"

"In God We Trust."

"God damn it!"

"I prayed to God."

"God bless you."

"God knows."

"I found God."

People utter the above regularly, and most don't consider what they're saying.

How come we never hear: "Goddess works in mysterious ways"?

Why isn't "In Goddess We Trust" on all forms of our currency?

"Oh, my Goddess!"

"It's in Goddess' hands now."

Has anybody ever uttered the response, "Goddess bless you," after someone sneezed?

The above is proof positive whomever created this horse shit - we laughingly refer to as a "civilized society" - was a guy, or group of guys. As long as we're blatantly makin' shit up, why not attach a goddess to these lies? At least we'd have some chick - with delicious tits - to envision, as opposed to a bunch of testicle-totin' douche bags!

Since the above is yet further validation all these religions crammed down our gullets are man-made, that means they have nothing to do with legitimate deities. It's the diminutive geriatric - behind the curtain, in The Wizard of Oz - proclaiming to be a god.

And because this blatant bullshit has been printed on the currency we use, and government is in charge of such, we can deduce the lie extends into bureaucracy.

Expanding to even more macrocosmic degree, that means you'd be judicious to question any of the other shit government shovels your way. Such includes what you've been brainwashed to believe in public schools, since textbooks of these indoctrination institutions are provided by the hegemony.

You blindly send your kids to these places, just assuming doing so is beneficial, right?

Great move, in the same fashion relocating your house to an active earthquake zone, atop a lake of quicksand, in the heart of hurricane alley, is a smart change of address.

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