Money Addicts

by Hugh Mungus

This is our most dangerous addiction - our addiction to things. For it is this addiction that underlies the materialism of our age. And nowhere is this addiction more apparent than in our addiction to money.

- Russell Peters

People are labelled "addicts" for dependency to anything these days. There are cocaine addicts, heroin addicts and morphine addicts. In short, there are drug addicts.

Alcoholics are alcohol addicts.

There are anger addicts, coffee addicts, exercise addicts, food addicts, gambling addicts, nicotine addicts, porn addicts, sex addicts, TV addicts, "work" addicts, etc., etc., etc. Anything the greedy can acquire cash from "treating" dependency to, is categorized an addiction.

Centers for "remedy" of these obsessions are built. The Betty Ford Clinic, St. Jude's, SAMSHA, etc., etc., etc. An armada of phone numbers, should one suspect a "problem," are provided.

Anybody doing anything to excess is classified an addict. Then why aren't those wasting their lives collecting cash, seen in the same light? Where are the hotlines for money junkies? Where are the rehab facilities for this addiction?

If you found someone on the roadside obsessively gathering piles of cardboard, you'd conclude they were insane. Well, why don't you see those who fanatically gather piles of money in the same light?

You've squandered your existence acquiring insignificant pieces of paper. That certainly seems an addiction, as you could've spent your days doing productive things beneficial to our species.

Since pursuit of these useless strips of fabric has led our kind to near extinction - thanks to our raping of Earth - you would think this addiction would be considered the ultimate. However, it's never mentioned in the mainstream. Instead, the frenzied pursuit of money - little strips of fabric - is promoted as a sound and logical goal.

Schools and universities are designed around it; widespread media stresses it; and parents actively advocate it.

Due to our rabid race for currency, this planet is being depleted of its natural resources; resources, no less, our species requires, in order to survive.

Soil - which allows us to eat - is being destroyed at an astronomical rate, thanks to our quest for cash. Foliage - which enables us to breathe - is being stripped from the planet, because we want money. Earth's atmosphere is being decimated, via our addiction to currency.

In addition, humans have introduced the most virulent of substances - fission and radioactive waste - into our ecosystem, so folks can monetarily profit.

We're literally killing our own species over the blind pursuit of stupid pieces of paper. Thus, this would seem the supreme addiction. Yet, somehow, we revere those who excel at it.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are overdosing money addicts - thus responsible for colossal damage. Yet, they're revered. Idolized, these severe promoters of the pernicious are provided platforms from which to dispense their ideas.

Being that "money is the root of all evil" - according to our own words - why do we venerate those who've most blatantly supported this nefarious system?

We're all survival addicts. This fact is used against us by those we've placed in positions of "power." Our "leaders" - who are nothing more than psychopathic control freaks - brainwash us the only way to subsist is via their system; the monetary system.

Some of us support this suicidal scam, and become money addicts. Those who do are sick. If they don't get their fix, they stress - creating mental and physical detriment - or destroy their own kind for a hit of the smack.

Such is not our natural state, but one we've been lied to is optimal. Don't believe me?

Was your child, or your children, born with an acute hunger for cash? Were you?

Of course not. Then this was something you were obviously indoctrinated into believing.

Infants don't exit the womb, sleep a few hours, and attempt to suckle a hundred dollar bill. They aren't excruciatingly concerned with fistfuls of twenties, when suffering from thirst. It's only via brainwashing - with which this scheme mercilessly bludgeons them - they're transformed into money addicts.

In our current system, if one were to create "treatment" centers for this addiction, their primary goal would be to obtain as much cash as possible. That's the main objective of any business, right?

Such would be hypocritical to its patients. You "treat" somebody for an addiction to cash, yet only do so because you're getting paid, and are thereby an addict, as well?!

We don't see ourselves as addicted in the same way we don't see ourselves as insane for believing "America" exists. This, even though we can fly above the planet, look down, not see any borders, and definitively prove it isn't there.

If we were a different species, traveling to Earth, gazing upon this planet in an uninhabited state, we wouldn't see countries. Hence, we wouldn't recognize "America," "China," "Russia," etc. Then why do we believe that which isn't there, is?

Again, we're brainwashed. Turn off your TVs; stop voting; stop listening to "authority"; and start thinking for yourselves.

Allowing others to think "on your behalf" has brought you to a point in which everyone around you is contracting cancer, and you spend sleepless nights worrying you're next.

Granting others the power to do your cogitation has placed you moments from nuclear annihilation, and drowning in radioactive fallout.

Bequeathing others the "right" to ruminate for you has forced you to become a money addict, at the risk of death, should you refuse to acquiesce.

If you still falsely believe you're doing your own thinking, ask yourself if you'd choose to pay bills and taxes. Would you elect to pay "debts" politicians you've never met before, have accrued?

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