Chile and the US are under similar influences

by Adventure Wynn

I have been hearing and seeing some wild stuff in Chile. Since the political turmoil I have seen a video of the Carabineros shooting compliant people, looting stores and setting at least one bank on fire. In every respect they look like organized crime. A guy I was talking to about forest fires the other day pointed out that the Carabineros light some of those too as a way to agitate the population against the Mapuches and gives the Carabineros a cover to go into the Mapuches land and abuse them. I saw a video of 6-8 Carabineros pile out of a van and attack a guy walking down the street with clubs and boots. It was extreme. Those cops have been put on trial I think I read. I used to think that if I was lucky enough to have that done to me it would definitely raise international awareness .What's one more ass kicking for a cause? But I know it didn't help during the Nixon, Ford, Carter or Reagan administrations. For example a couple Americans disappeared then thanks to CIA tips. The Carabineros executed 5 socialists in public in 1984!..Reagan was to worried about the socialists in Nicaragua to worry about Luciano Aedo Arias being shot against a wall a couple blocks from here. The other night in Villa Peluca about 1am I was standing near the road with binoculars staring at the stars and a Carabineros truck rolled by with their green lights flashing. My shit was scared I will not lie. It was just me and the Carabineros out there in the dark. I thought if they attack me before finding out I'm actually an American tourist I may be in serious danger of being murdered and dumped into the Rio Laja. Now news reports are several known right wing people have been illegally importing AK-47s! (So I guess it will be a lot safer place according to Wayne Lapierre and the NRA) There's rumors of a right wing uprising. One of these people charged is a very prominent host to a Fox channel morning exercise show. Basically a hot young girl in spandex.. Not what you'd expect a revolutionary to look like?! Because in Villa Peluca the internet is sketchy some times I haven't read about the others involved I just recognized her face in an article. My main point is this crazy shit is real! And not just in Chile! The anti socialism movement by the industrialists is world wide. You are absolutely not on an island of security in the US. You are so much more divided there than the people here that you are an easier target in many ways for this agitation... You mother fuckers are going to be subjected to this agitation turned up to 11 real soon! I worry for you guys because of this. The struggle between the industrialist and the working class is a global fight that America is about to join on the front line with Chile and France. I suggest you get your hands on a yellow jacket and prepare cause there is no way in the current state of the US you are casually embracing socialism. I know I sound like an alarmist but what's the point to a memorial a couple blocks from here about the industrialists firing squad if not to alarm you to the possibilities. Think about how impossible Trump was 7 or 8 years ago... With all this shit hitting the fan there is still no place on earth I would rather be than here in Chile. Chile and the US are only divided by our imaginations. The industrialists have no imagination. Obama was stifled at every turn by their shills in congress, except when he sold us out to the insurance industry. Fuck the Affordable Care Act... Its forced care, no more affordable than before. What if Geo W would have passed a law that every American has to buy a new American auto every few years to save the profits of that industry? ... Same God damn thing. So what's the chance Bernie will have any easy time? Half the country is already agitated to the point of reacting. America is not a people divided. Its a subcategory divided. America does set the precedents for the world so If Americans can elect a Socialist who survives a whole term. It will help the rest of the worlds working classes struggling against industrial interests. My worst fear is that when viewed at a distance, Sanders presidency won't look any different than Obama or Bush's terms... All drone strikes and corporate sell outs.

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