If You Want to Have a Friend, Why Not Become One?

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


A friend can be human and a friend can be God.

If you want to have a friend, why not become one? A friend, who promises you, never leave to leave nor forsake you. Who is always there willing to forgive you. But where else are you going to find, such a caring and compassionate friend? Especially when all of your life, he has been searching for you, to become your very closet friend in the world you will ever really know. If you want to have a friend, why not become one?

When Jesus Christ wants to clean the mess you have made out of your life. You have running around in circles, and you have been running on a tread mill. Going actually nowhere with your life at all. Why not give your life a brand new start? And why not accomplish it today? Without any further delay? And ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart.

If you want to have a friend, why not become one? Jesus Christ has been busily knocking on your heart's door. Why not open up your heart's door by inviting him in today? He will give you his free gift of everlasting life. You will then become part of the body and the bride of Jesus Christ. When your earthly life is done, heavenly angels will safely escort you, into your brand new heavenly promise land. What a wonderful brand newer beginning will be faithfully awaiting you there! Love in Christ Jesus! Roxanne Lea Dubarry Roxy Lea 1954 Roxy 1954/ October Country January 22, 2020

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