If You Want to Have a Friend, Why Not Be One?

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry

If you want to have a friend, why not be one? You can start by turning your life over to Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son. Only he can turn your darkest nights into day by washing all of your habitual sins away. And is only a brief salvation's prayer away. For a whole entire brand new start, try asking Jesus Christ, into both your heart and life. Believing in the good gospel news of Jesus Christ, the author and source, of everlasting life. You can start by simply believing on his name, and crying out to him.

And if you are really sincere, he will really listen to your desperate pleas for mercy. Salvation is free, you don't have to earn it. Salvation is free, you don't have to accomplish good deeds for it. All of your best deeds will not earn you a minute in heaven. You have to sorry, and mean exactly the salvation prayer you say.

"Dear Jesus Christ, I know I am sinner, and can not free myself. I freely confess my sins and I am honestly sorry for all of them. Please come into my heart, and wash away my sins. I confess you as the LORD and Savior of my life." Each in your own way, and in your words. Upon receiving pardon and becoming a Christian, God's Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity, will enter into your heart.

Your former life will have passed away and you have become a brand new person. If you are Jewish, Jesus Christ, himself is still a Jew. All of his earlier disciples were also Jewish. If you accept Jesus Christ into your life, you will not stop being Jewish. Jesus Christ's free gift of salvation cost him his earthly life. You probably would rather call your self, a "Messianic Jewish believer in Messiah."

However, most former Muslims have no problem referring to themselves as new Christian believers. Jesus Christ was more than just a Jewish prophet sent to the Jewish people. Jesus Christ was much more than either a teacher/rabbi. Jesus Christ died as a Jew and will return to earth as a Jew. He will not honestly convert to any other religious faith. Jesus Christ died on Calvary's Cross, he did not have a human male die in his place. If he did we would still be dead in our trespasses and sins. Only the pure spotless blood of Jesus Christ could redeem your lost souls. Only he was able to grant you victory from death, hell and the grave. He alone descended into hell, and rose again on the third day. What human man Mohammad or Moses could make that claim? Only Jesus Christ, is able to heal your mind, body and spirit. Allah never claimed to have a Son. Jehovah not only claims He has a son, but recognizes him also!

What does not matter is what religious group you come from: Judaism, Christianity, or Muslim. You can an agnostic believer in freedom from all religions. You can be an atheist, or be a follower of the Eastern religions for example. "Jesus died once on the cross for all people, he belongs to the whole world."Reverend Billy Graham. Blacks used to refer to Christianity as the "white man's religion." Referring to the fact it was mainly white people who believed in Jesus Christ. What they forgot was the Hispanics and Spanish believers were not even white. And now they see both black and white pastors spreading the gospel messages to the black African nations. Multitudes of black people are becoming Christians!

If you want to have a friend why not be one? The first genuine friend new believers in Jesus can claim him as one. You have the choice of having other friends as well. You can be a friend to yourself and clean both you minds and you lives. If you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, vaporing and tobacco. If you are addicted to sugar or are misusing over the counter or prescription drugs. If you are addicted to pornography. If you are struggling with diabetes. If you have a violent temper and anger management problems.

If you are involved in domestic violence, spouse or child abuse. Certainly treatment is necessary, but Jesus Christ will help you. You don't have to do it all by yourself. If you have a criminal record and are eighteen years old or older, it doesn't go away. Unlike your criminal past, Jesus Christ can wash all of your sins away. If you are involved in street gangs or organized criminal gangs. Jesus Christ will send his holy angels to protect you. It doesn't matter how badly you have messed up your life. It doesn't matter if you are physically or mentally handicapped. Jesus Christ promises to help you with your handicaps. But what if you are a good person, gentle and kind an generous? What more can I say? The stairway to heaven is not for sale at any price. Everlasting life is for you! If you want to have a friend why not be one?

If you are either Jewish or Muslim, you have no problem in believing in the return of your Messiah. It unfortunately is believers in the Christian faith that often do not believe. Jesus Christ physically came to earth the first over two thousand years ago. And he faithfully will return again. God does not lie, but since you are human, you do. I happen to believe in the pre-tribulation rapture of the Bride of Christ. Others believe in the mid-tribulation, of post tribulation. I believe the rapture is a separate event. Certainly it could be part one of the return of Jesus Christ. During the rapture, or the catching away, Jesus Christ, will meet the dead in Christ. We who are alive and remain will be caught out to meet him there prior to our grand entrance into heaven. Their is the beama seat of Christ. Sins and good works will be revealed. There is the marriage supper of the Lamb of God. There is much more I could say. If you are lost, you perish. If not you are safe and reach home base.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country January 21, 2020

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