When I First Enter My Heavenly Promise Land.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


I was busy writing about entering into my heavenly promise land.

When I first enter my heavenly promise land.

Jesus Christ will be awaiting me over there.

He honestly cares about what ever happens to me.

Jesus Christ, will show me my very own heavenly mansion,

right over the hill top. I will be dwelling in a marvelous land

where I will never grow older. And his love for me will not ever

grow colder. I am aware that bitterness, envy

and hatred have no place up there. Good times will be awaiting me.

When I first enter my heavenly promise land. Heavenly angels

will be willing escorting on my heavenly bound journey.

We will travel beyond either Mars and Venus.

Beyond our sun, moon and stars. The stars will be twinkling brightly,

in the sky as we go, merrily on our way. Just passing by!

When I first enter my heavenly promise land. All of my redeemed

family and friends, will be awaiting me there. They will be busily

awaiting me just outside heaven's pearly gates. And we can hardly

wait to climb to those stairways to heaven. The Holy Trinity, will be

willingly awaiting my arrival. Along with the heavenly angels and saints.

What a wonderful reunion, we will be having, in my brand new heavenly

promise land. Every thing will turn out to become very grand indeed.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry, Roxy Lea 1954,

Roxy 1954/ October Country

January 20, 2020

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