Denmark Sells Greenland to Trump

by John Ivan


Satire on President Trump

At typical Danish home of some government official, husband returns from work.

-"What is for lunch dear", he asks, as he puts down his briefcase.

-"Potato with some vegetables", other husband replays.

-"I am glad that we can`t have children. This is awful world. I have thought that after Bush there can't be worse president, but this Trump. He is real jackass."

-"What `s up now?"

-"He wants, rather demands that we sell Greenland to him."

-"Do you have his number?"

-"Of course, it is in mine case. I am off to shower".

After 15 minutes or so, they are the table, eating.

-"I have sold it to him", housewife-husband breaks the silence.

-"What, are you nuts. I have to call my boss. This is outrageous."

-"Calm down. Finish your meal. How well American president is familiar of world geography."

-"At the same level as typical bonehead from Mid-west"

-"Exactly. I have found some iceberg drifting in the Atlantic. There is a lot of it this summer. I gave his assistant the coordinates, and voila. It is done."

-"And the price".

-"Oh, I have just requested not to bother us, Denmark, anymore. But it`s a fat chance, right?"

-"Yap, knowing that idiot. It won`t last."

There are continuing to eat. During desert husband-official asks his partner:

-"But now after getting our island so easy, he will think that the sky is the limit. Next he will want to buy whole Scandinavia. Maybe we have opened Pandora`s box. How can we stop him?"

"-We sell him Alaska".

-"Alaska is bought two centuries ago from the Tsar, if you do remember."

-"I wasn`t alive at that time, if you implying something", as he takes away the plates although his husband didn`t finish his ice-cream. "You are getting fat, no more sweets for you."

However he returns promptly smiling:

-"How well typical Mid-west doofus knows about history?"

-"But what flag have you put on the iceberg? Not Texas, I hope?"

-"Actually, Stars and Stripes! Americans are so use to their flags on every corner. One on the iceberg will not surprise them. It will convince them even more in their divine right to rule everyone and everything."

-"Come kiss me. Beauty and brains. I am so lucky. I am not sure how I deserve it."

-"Perhaps you were Gandhi in previous existence"

More kisses can be heard.

-"Mother Theresa?"

They are going to the bedchamber.

-"Michael Jackson?"

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