Dreams of My Parents

by Adventure Wynn


True story of a dream I had last night.

I want to write about these dreams I keep having about my dead parents. I've had four including 2 last night that included my Mother. Last night was the first I had about Dad since he died. We were all in the same dream. I have asked Mom all 4 times if she knows she is dead. The first time was pretty amazing. When I asked her she said, "Well, I'm here now." Th second time I dreamt of her I was barely asleep and it was stranger. I couldn't see anything but black. I could clearly tell she was on the other side of this blackness. She was giving me advice and I could sense that she had finished and was turning to walk away and that's when I said, "Mom, wait! Do you know you're dead?" She said, "I'm doing the best I can." And then I just opened my eyes....I was barely asleep at all.

I had a third dream about her last night. It was brief but again I asked her if she knew she was dead and she answered incredulously, "How would I know I was dead?"

I woke up and drifted back off and dreamt of both of them for a long time. I knew I was dreaming as always. And when I asked them both if they knew they were dead they both turned and stared at me kind of speechless. Then I think I asked again and they both answered at the same time different answers. Moms answer was short and I did not catch it. Dad said something that was a rhyme to the rhythm of peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. I couldn't remember it so I got to the point of being frustrated when he wouldn't repeat it or explain it. I kind of yelled at him to repeat it so, " I can take it back and tell people." He slowly repeated it and I repeated back to him word for word and for the life of me I cant recall it other than he was talking about a specific type of vine climbing a wall. The last part was a question, "What do you do about that?" I realized the dream had to end soon and I told them, "I don't know if I will see you again for awhile." At which point they both turned and stared at me speechless again. And that was it. As a side note I did see Dad run across the yard and he had no visible limp.

I didn't realize I was going to keep having these. I got to think up a better question maybe? I'm hoping that if I keep asking Mom she will say "Quit asking me that."

PS this might be too much to add but I was thinking about that vine in the rhyme and the image I saw of leaves looked like poison Ivy...I don't know much about ayahuasca but I just looked it up and it is a vine with leaves that look dark green and waxy like poison Ivy and it's called the vine of the soul. I got to find the native name for it. The name of the vine in the rhyme was a 4 letter word I recall like Maka or something...it definitely had an A in it.

PSS I just read ayahuasca is also called Yage..............

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