Priyanka – the Unfortunate Daughter of India

by Punit Kambi


The unfortunate daugher of India.

She woke up normal not even thinking it is going to be last day of her life , she woke up with the hope of treating the unspoken, she woke up with hope to see her parents and family end of the day.

But she never imagined that she will have to deal with animals in human mask one day.

She knew how to handle unspoken but little did she knew how to handle the monster with human face.

Hey Men, She believed you she stood there for your help and what we did with her is unimaginable, we didn't just kill her, we killed the humanity, we killed the trust, we killed the meaning of gentlemen.

The pain and mental trauma she might have gone through each and every second when you ate her like hungry wild dogs is unthinkable.

She might have begged you, she might have told you why she wants to live, she might have told you why she wants to go home, she might have asked you not to kill her, she might have cried for help but nothing did melt your heart.

It is shameful to say that this happened in the country were we worship the goddess Durga for Nine days, the country which is represented by Bharath Mata.

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