Is Chile an Example of What Socialism Will bring to the US?

by Adventure Wynn

I feel kind of lucky in a weird way to have moved to Chile when I did. It feels very fortuitous. When I moved there it was like the time of a temporary cease fire. The Coup of '73 is called "el Golpe".. the hit.

When I found out immediately after the election that the newly elected President was the little brother of one of the "Chicago Boys" it literally felt like a punch in the stomach. I immediately said to Ana, "El golpe continua, eh?" How right on the money was that?

In '73 after years of effort, when Kissinger finally got the Socialist President removed, the Chilean economy was restructured by the US (the Chicago Boys) to support American industrial interests. We can assume this was done in every other South American country right? This is what "Manifest Destiny" really meant. This entire hemisphere is ours alone for the exploiting, by ours I mean the industrialists.

The countries that have resisted American industrial interests are countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua. I'm not saying they're better for it. They are just directing their profits somewhere other than the US so they're the enemy. Bolivia obviously put a good effort in at reststance, but seems to be surrendering.

You can suppose the South American countries that have already succumb to US industrial pressure are the countries you never hear about. They can be genociding their population as long as they cooperate, and the American media will do it's best to ignore it.

A fine example of this can be found in the perception between the Dictatorship of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, that some Americans are conditioned to despise, and the Dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, an ally of the US government for many years like Saddam Hussein. Pinochet represented American Industrial interests so Reagan never criticized the public executions. You never heard about his atrocities in the American media, again like Hussein. Unlike Hussein and Pinochet, Chavez was exporting Venezuelan profits to non-American interests. That's the only reason he is famous in American media.

Chile has operated for Industrial interest for almost 50 years based on lais·sez-faire lies. This is supposed to mean "letting the market take it own course without interference from government." But you know the industrialists and billionaires aren't going to let that happen to their profits. So it comes down to, in Chile specifically and America more generally that the only non participants in the lais·sez-faire economy are the poor people. How "lais·sez-faire" was the Auto Industry bail-out? Or the Health care Industry bail-out? The Chilean economy is the pro-industrialists economy on steroids. Industry sets the prices on life there. Water for instance, like all natural resources has value so Chile sold their countries water rights... to Spain I think. So it's becoming a desert. The rich still have their bottled water. I'm not even going to list the other resources being vampired out of access from the poor but you can guess the others easily. Air is the only resource not taken by industry yet. I guess my point is, if the US doesn't resist industrial interests, whose going to stop this from happening here ultimately? Trickle down economics is not going to result in investment in our quality of life. Belief that making millionaires billionaires is going to lift us all up has repeatedly been disproven. Every election of a pro industrialist like Trump to the WH results in a little more whittling away of potential to enrich the lives of the people. There's no doubt someday America will be in the same position as Chile is. I say this with certainty because the industrialist have the Americans figured out. In Chile it requires extreme force to subdue the interests of the people but in the US we are self defeating. The 2 party system that controls us so well in the US does not exist in Chile...maybe the result of this is the chaos of an awoke people battling industrial interests.

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