Target the Dogs to Punish the People.

by Adventure Wynn

The cops in Chile like to target the neighborhood dogs just to hurt the people. In fact, from the reaction it hurts them more than when a person gets run over. When a person gets hit, you hear them yelling "Mother Fucker" basically but when the realization hits everyone Including the dog that the cop's targeting the old dog, you hear gasps of horror.

Its horrible to see, the dog doesn't realize their lives are in danger and they don't make enough effort to get out of the way. How would a dog understand the change in those vehicles? I'm telling you its heart breaking to see. I don't ever want to see another one. Well anyway the Chileans have tried to remember the poor dogs by including their sacrifice to the revolution. They are definitely sharing the struggle.

I'm looking at a mural of a couple young guys. One guys waving a Chilean flag, ones waving a Mapuche flag. There's a condor soaring over. Between the two guys there's a dog named Matapaco, "cop killer" in English.

The dog on the wall is an old dog with a gray muzzle. It also has a red bandana. That was someones family member that no doubt roamed the entire neighborhood saying hi to everyone. Patrolling after dinner time to get the best tid bits. That's the kind of thing an old street dog learns. Probably one of his neighbors tied that bandana on him one day and it just stuck. You can see the mural got painted around that old dog. You can see more care in the detail.

That old dog may have gotten ran over intentionally by the cops. Social media recorded many of them. The old dogs that have lived on these streets slumber fearlessly close to the roaring buses. Imagine the subtle change would take an old dog too long to react. That's what it looks like.

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