Memories of "Hill Street Blues"

by Adventure Wynn

I call this "Memories of Hill Street Blues"

I am going to keep bringing this up until I get some input that doesn't remind me of a knee jerk reaction. Hey man! I am sitting on top a frozen mountain!

This is a good idea to consider and it will take awhile to catch on. So I have to repeat it. Hey! If you have a good idea and I ain't listening, by all means repeat it. Remember "Hill Street Blues" every morning the Sergeant would conclude his morning briefing with "HEY!..........DO IT TO THEM! BEFORE THEY DO IT TO YOU!" Coincidentally at the same time as Ronald Reagan's "War on Drugs" and Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No?" campaign. Great successes all around.

Maybe we should reexamine the whole "Do it to them first" philosophy. I just realized if you add Reagans first draft of that "Trickle down" economics theory the Republicans have been pushing for 40 years to this list, Reagan looks like a total fucking failure! I'm kidding I'm sure industry boomed and I remember he got a good deal on some missiles. Also ask someone from Chile how that "Trickle down" ultimately works out. But I digress...

Remember how popular "Hill Street Blues" was at the time. It was the predecessor to "The Cosby Show" for family entertainment. I remember, I was 9. I can barely remember my childhood but I clearly remember that. I even remember Officer Belker, He was the officer known for biting suspects. That's what conditioning is by the way. A whole generation of people cheering the "Do it to them first" mantra without thinking what we were really saying was, "Do it to us before we do it to you."

If private hospitals, private prisons, private everything is so desirable in the US why wouldn't the idea of private police forces be considered? I dont need an immediate answer. Why are police forces not private? Ask yourself when the idea of NOT privatizing something comes up its called....dum! dum! dum! SOCIALISM! Why dont FOX point out the defects of socialized law enforcement? Feel that dissonance? That vibration that alerts you to something being out of tune? That's why I write.

Another good question is why do they have a union?Are they concerned their employer will make them live in company housing and pay for groceries with company script? That would be called the Army. Do they not get enough god damned respect? Do they have to work 16 hours a day, 6 days a week? Are women or minorities kept out of law enforcement? Are children forced into law enforcement? Are cops subjected to discrimination? I admit, I live to charge a cop for a cup of coffee? Full price. Is that why cops have a union?

Why do cops need a union? Is it that tough living above the law? Getting your free cups of coffee all over town. If they quit gunning people down they wouldnt need a legal fund or a coffee fund. Maybe the only reason there is an FOP is to help keep private law enforcement out?

Contractually obligated to not shoot unarmed people, isnt that novel? Why cant towns have the choice to hire unarmed police? If they had the right to hire their own police company they might consider that option. Quit letting the TV form your reality. The "Thin Blue Line" protecting you from chaos is conditioned bullshit. Societies are more or less peaceful because of human nature not because of an imposed force. Just like the Church has no real bearing on whether we choose to live by a code. It would be very easy to test that theory and if it proved impossible then change it over night. Think of it this way do we need the same police mentality policing South Chicago as Marietta, Oh?

Take organized crime out of the equation and policing is a revenue raising industry. That's a whole other rant. These "revenue raisers" are the ones that should be privatized atleast! Maybe if we quit confronting our communities with a rigid "force" that is above the law, maybe we can help direct society with a more malleable police utility company. Wouldnt that be refreshing to hear a cop say he works for the Utility Company. What if the guy coming to shut your water off had the right to shoot you...and not lose his job. That is the average responsibility for the average police office. Maintain revenue flow. Privatizing would make the entire police force as a whole, work for respect and to keep their contracts. Exactly like the average person has to. They can atleast stop parading their K9 units around for affection at schools.

If you know your job is on the line everyday depending on your actions, wouldnt that help check those egos? Doesn't that check your ego? It is good enough for the rest of us. Labor unions were never invented to protect incompetent individuals who fuck up on the job, but that's the main reason cops have unions. They always use the excuse of pressure, stress and fear when they fuck up. Fearful cops shoot first and ask questions later. Weed out the wimps and power trippers with a private police utility company.

Follow THEIR code and place them in subservient roles to the citizenry with private forces. In American history we started with private forces. Remember the Pinkertons and Wells Fargo? Private forces are not unheard of. The big question is why did the free market change? Why does the idea of private police immediately get dismissed as a fantasy? I bet the massive power concentrated in the nearly pointless FOP has something to do with it. Not only can the employee of a private security company be let go easily for basically human rights violations but more than one violation by a department could cost them the contract with the city or town they are working for. That would provide the motivation to self police. With the idea in a cops head that not only can the city demand he go but the force would be self policing knowing that the whole department can be fired and replaced with a more professional company. The cream of the crop would rise to the top. Who else would you accept to patrol the streets armed? Maybe this could check that out of control power tripping ego that so many cops have. Good cops can gravitate to better companies with better benefits. That alone would transform policing. It would atleast weed out the Officer Belkers.

This is a ramble in progress as always but I'm going to keep asking questions. Those are our options, question or dont question. Idk about you, but I've really enjoyed this.

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