Mara and Her Gift

by Lotan

Today, Mara Walks upon this earth. Most people here don't even know the legend of Mara and that's a good thing. She has been really quiescing the past years. If you don't know the story, let me tell you how she came to be. Long ago on a planet called Rekon lived the mother of a thousand gods, a thousand, ghosts, a thousand trolls, and a thousand elves, she gave birth to her entire planet. The planet was soon filled with old and young individuals with all different features. The mother chooses one special person from the entire world to become the new Mother of a different world. The mother Shook the land and spoke her word and the chosen one came forth. A young elf came right to the mother's foot and the Mother named her Mara. She gave everything to Mara and trusted her with the power of a thousand gods. As The mother gave Mara the power, she saw something in her eyes, something so terrible she tried to take the power away, but it was too late. The Mother was already sent to the afterlife before she could undo her mistake. As for Mara she was left alone on the world, forsaken in her own head. Mara ran around for days with the power of The Mother. She had no idea that she could make anything possible on that world. Mara was stronger than a thousand gods, stronger than a thousand ghost, a thousand trolls, and a thousand elves. Mara soon found a village of ghosts, she wondered upon a ghost named Raul a young boy who knew nothing of elves. Mara spoke to Raul and Raul shook in fear, disturbed by what Mara said. Raul ran home to his family and told them what she said. Mara fell to her knees in guilt. Not knowing what she did wrong, Mara was scared and didn't know what to do. Mara cried louder than a thousand Elves and was heard across the entire land. The entire village of ghost surrounded Mara trying to calm her down. Mara soon looked up with tears on her face. Rails mother reached for Mara face and touched one of the tears. When she touché don of the tears it was scorching, it burned Rails mothers' hand. Raul then realized she was not just a regular elf. The Ghosts all spoke, talking about Mara and confused on why she can feel ghosts. The ghosts were confused and were convinced to stay away from Mara. Raul didn't listen and continued talking to Mara. "are you okay?" Mara looked up and hugged Raul so tight, crying in his ear. Raul was uncomfortable and tried to pull away but, wouldn't't. Raul mother screaming at him teller him to let go. Raul battling to reply, he wouldn't't say anything and soon wouldn't't hear as Mara was screaming and squeezing Raul to tightly. Raúl's mothers rushed over to try and pull him off but, before she could even grab him Raul vanished. Raúl's mother and Mara feel to the ground in confusion. They both looked at each other, not speaking a word. Raul mother looked at Mara with angry, she was speechless. Raul mother swung back her arm screaming at Mara waiting to hit her. Mara instinctively shielded her face and Raúl's mother froze. Unable to move, the other ghosts around, never as such power from a little girl. Ghosts are said to be unharmable until today. Mara soon became rancor and stood up and was amused with the pose Raúl's mother was in and decided to keep shielding her face in front of the other ghosts. Some ghosts tried to run but wouldn't't it be too late, Mara had already paralyzed the entire village and was enjoying what she was doing. Mara stayed in that village for 72 years playing around with the ghosts who were paralyzed. The village is now unvisited, and many say some ghosts are still there.

Since then Mara has been in and out of this world plenty of time. Nobody knows where she goes but she come every 8 years harming villages and destroying peace on our planet. But now, it's been way to long that Mara has been harming our world and she must be stopped today. When she comes we all will be waiting for her and will fight her and give the gift of the mother to someone else. Last year when I saw Mara she was no kid she was a full-grown woman the mightiest elf of the universe. Most people try to reason with her every year, but she cannot stand people begging for mercy. Mara has become more ruthless than anyone on this planet and finds killing to be amusing and it is said to warm her heart. This can be no more we must fight back and find a new person to give the gift of the mother too. So today all tribes have decided to join and fight off Mara and take the power from her. 5 years ago, from today the entire world decided to increase their population by 3000 it was quixotic. So, over the 5 years every tribe increased there population rapidly just for this day. They thought this would work because Mara only had the power of a thousand gods, a thousand ghosts, a thousand trolls, and a thousand elves. While we now have Over 4000 gods, ghosts, trolls, and elves, who have all prepared to fight. There is no way we can lose, Mara stands no chance against us she has been out numbered. Hours later all the tribes march together to arch where Mara would be coming from, we surround the entrance point to get her from all sides. We wait patiently as she soon yet to arrive, moments later a spark in thin air appears to open, all tribes surrounding the entrance point, stretching over 700 miles all stand guard. The elves put up a shield to no one can get out or get in, while the trolls and dig underground for a sneak attack. The gods and Ghosts prepare for battle. Mara soon steps out of the spark and gives a look around with a smile on her face while the spark closes. "Finally, you'be come to your senses to fight!" Mara screams with excitement. The Gods and Ghosts have no response so they all rush in to attack, Mara waves her hands and brings a thunderstorm out of know where and uses the lighting to strike the Gods and the winds to blow away the Ghosts. Mara is smart she see the ground moving with trolls and decides t bring forth an earth quake. Most of the trolls made It out in time but some were killed as the ground shifted, killing some of the trolls. The elves move in and use their light spell blinding Mara, while the gods move in to attack. Mara finds herself trapped, one god jumps above Mara and smashes her into the ground. He tosses Mara to one of the Ghosts, the ghosts hop inside of Mara possessing her body, damaging her inside. The ghosts hop out and Kicks Mara right in the mouth hurling her to the Trolls. The troll's sarong Mara cutting her arms and legs with there daggers. Mara on her knees tensing her body she screams, stunning the trolls. Mara brings forth roots in the ground trapping many of the trolls. The elves move in and try to seal Mara in a chamber, they surround Mara with the spell cutting off any exit she may take. The elves struggle, and Mara screams with intense anger. Mara soon breaks free and created a barrier around her trapping some elves inside. Mara opens her mouth and sucks all the air around her into her lungs, leaving the elves breathless. The tribes surround the barrier, trying to break in. The elves slowly suffocated and died. Mara looked around and released all the air she had inside of her, blowing away the surrounding tribes. After that a God child runs over to Mara punching her in the face, not fazing Mara at all. Mara pushes the kid hand out of the way bending over and looks into his eyes. Mara looks into his eyes and tell him "You're a pithy thing, aren't you? You are no God." The kid eyes turn black, he falls to the ground unable to move, he becomes one with the ground as his legs turn to dirt and his upper body Turing into grass. Mara then leans up giving the rest of the tribes an evil look. The Gods rage and the tribes cry with anger in their eyes. All the Tribes rush in surrounding Mara. Mara notices a tribe is missing and is confused, the gods are already to close for her to react and the Gods all pound her into the ground. While the trolls have gone incognito underground, they pop up and restrain Mara unable to move, the elves lock Mara in their paralysis spell leaving Mara unable to respond or move. The gods picking Mara up and 30 ghosts possessing her so she absolutely no control over her body. The elder elf then came up and removes the gift of the Mother from Mara and seals it in bottle. Once everything has been done the tribes mourn over the fallen people and show hatred towards Mara and her wrong doings. The Elves open a spark into the out-lands where Mara will live until the end of her days. As for the rest of the tribes they lived a salubrious life and will keep the gift of the mother safe until a new person is chosen for it.

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