Chile Is on the Frontline Against Industrialized Capitalism

by Adventure Wynn


Save the Planet by destroying INDUSTRIALIZED CAPITALISM

Chile can only be destroyed by Multi National corporations. The artisanal fisherman know this!

From what I can see the people of Chile are destroying all the corporations. The stores owned by Walmart have all been destroyed, the pharmacies, the hardware stores. The people are rebelling against the total industrialization of life. The artisanal fisherman have been protesting the industrialization of their way of life for a year or more. Now the people are united. They have united against being robbed of their lives. They aspire to more than consumerism. They have beautiful neighborhoods whether they realize it or not, where all their day to day needs are supplied by their neighbors.

They are defending what we in the industrialized countries have already lost. Industrialized life is not the result of Capitalism. What has happened in the industrialized countries is that Capitalism has been industrialized along with everything else. It has destroyed the fabric of our neighborhoods and it will not stop. There is no break or check to keep this industrialization from destroying the planet. It is destroying the planet and its trillion dollar propaganda campaign has convinced us in the US it's a bi partisan issue. Divide to conquer it has!

Its painful but something has to be done to check industrialized Capitalism using us like they use the environment for their profit. The beauty is the people of Chile don't need the corporations. The Corporations need the cooperation of the people to exploit them. Mom and Pop businesses will survive and thrive. It is a better way of life. We see the results in the States of non resistance! The people are alive and well in Chile and are thinking for themselves.

What is happening in Chile is a beautiful thing. It's a real revolution against soulless multi nationalists sucking the life out of Chile. And it's a revolution against the soulless government that supports this. Industrialized Capitalism will destroy everything it comes in contact with in its monstrous consumption of resources, including people.

The difference in Chile and the US is that they still have the mom and pop infrastructure to cope. In the US we have been asleep to long! Lulled into complacency by these companies selling their cheap plastic conveniences. Conveniences no one needs!

Conditioned to reach for the the plastic spoons because of the inconvenience of having to wash dishes, our youth have become mentally deficient in objective reasoning! Now America is trapped. But Chile! Chile has caught the tide of change and is forcing it back on itself. I have never been happier to be human! In this lies the salvation of our planet... not any pop culture bullshit the TV is selling.

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