Jesus as a Real Revolutionary

by Adventure Wynn

I am constantly thinking about revolutionaries. They are the most important people in history. Nothing would ever change without them. I worship the revolutionary spirit. Doing what has to be done regardless of yourself is the most beautiful thing. This aspect of human nature is unbeatable. Revolutionaries sacrifice themselves to draw attention to a larger issue. Whether the revolutionary sacrifices themselves by trashing the money lenders tables, whistle blowing, strapping on an explosive vest, or high jacking an airplane and flying it into a building to pierce the vail of ignorance imprisoning the masses, it's all the same spirit.

Our revolutionary spirit dates at least to Jesus. Jesus being one of the first recorded. There's no doubt he lived. Almost everything the church tries to teach about him is bullshit. In his core he was a revolutionary. The most important thing I've gleaned from the bible is that Jesus got pissed off and engaged in extremely shocking acts of violence (for the time). Industrialized religion wants to say Jesus taught "love thy neighbor" but that's again bullshit. Human nature teaches you to love thy neighbor. You are born with that as a fundamental attribute, just like a mother loves her child. The industrialization of religion in the church has usurped good human nature and has conditioned people to think that's something they're selling.

The Church doesn't teach anything. It has seized onto nature and has spent 2000 years conditioning people to think a certain way, for their benefit. Jesus was only a brave motherfucker like Gandhi or MLK jr. The Church had to invent a Christlike character to make him ultimately unattainable. It is industrialized religions job to sell the idea to you that this is something you must strive for instead of something that is born naturally in you, as it was in Jesus. The only truth about Jesus in the bible is that he was perfectly human and was pushed to rebel. How impossible it would've been for industrialized religion to consolidate power, as all industries do, by teaching that Jesus was just a person unwilling to accept the status quo? That very lesson would've meant the end of industrialized religion. It is no different than a Mayan shaman standing on the pyramid, asking the gods for a sign, while knowing the exact moment of an eclipse. Time has taught us how foolish those savages were. The shamans usurped natural occurrences just like modern industrialized religion.

We are all revolutionaries first and foremost. It is the church's job to crush this spirit to maintain the status quo. Jesus has been usurped by industry to condition the masses to the idea that a pyramid is the natural shape of the universe, focusing power at the point, at one man...not a woman a man, a Pope, a king, a president. It's a lie. Industrialized religion is the same lie.

Mind control is the point of industry. Without this mind control you would be far more likely to ask yourself "What would Jesus do?" Instead of trying to be Christlike and tamp down your natural Jesuslike impulses to question the status quo. Being Jesuslike is true freedom. Jesus realized this and that's what he taught. But like other natural impulses, the church has hijacked his teachings for their own purposes. 2000 years of conditioning isn't going to change overnight but to paraphrase the most important work of fiction ( including the bible) "1984" explains,

"Until they become conscious they will never (be free) and until after they (are free) they cannot become conscious." Industries job is to keep you unconscious.

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