I Wish for the Good in the Bad.

by Luna


I originally thought of the idea for this as it was actually my english homework for school. I decided to add onto it and ended up submiting it onto here. As i was writing i thought it was to sad for it to end at the passing of Harper, and so i lightnened the mood by writing about her time in heaven. I have always had a passion for writing but never really done anything about it, and so i hope this will make a change. I hope that you like this short story and enjoy every moment of reading it!

Have you ever felt like your heart was about to fall into the world of nothingness? Well 30 people in the past two weeks have died from a curious case of poison.

The girl sat in her gurney , waiting for the answers . The answers to what was going on. The answers that could change her life in an instant... This is what could change the way she was saw as in the world , the way she saw the world . Would it be as unfair as others thought ?

Her breathing got heavier and her heart raced faster anytime she saw a doctor walk past through her eyes which she was squinting. She couldn't bare seeing her sister cry any longer . After all she had never been much of an older sister , so the way Harper saw it was as though this was an act that would soon be over , the moment she got out. "You should go get some sleep , it's not going to do Harper any good tiring yourself out. I promise we will notify you as soon as we get the results. Get that energy back ready for when your sister wakes up" Murmured the doctor whilst giving Lorna a glass of water

"I just don't want to leave her , we have always been so close I don't want to abandon her" replied Lorna

However , the doctor seemed to have persuaded her to get some rest , and so she got up putting the glass of water on the bed side table . She picked up her bag and kissed Harper gently on the cheek and placed a get well soon teddy on her bed. Twenty-two and Harper still seemed to have a soft spot for teddy's - mainly as she had no one else to keep her company.

"You can stop acting like your asleep now and eat your dinner ! We was given some mail for you from a man called Fred" whispered the Doctor with a big smile , at first it seemed like a way of being caring and kind . Thus it was just starting to creep the ill girl out - she hadn't seemed to take a break from smiling in Harper's eye-sight. She left the mail on the chair which was once filled by Lorna , and left Harper giving some privacy. Harper brushed her fingers through her tangled hair and reached over to the chair. SPLASH!!

The glass of water spilt over - soaking the girl and her letters. "Wait... what ? What's happening to me?" Harper exclaimed

The water began to turn as black as charcoal, turning the substance into a thick slime. Shaking her hand didn't change it was stuck to her like super glue. It started to burn and tickle her flesh , before absorbing into her skin. The strange experience had not ended as the constituents began to form into what looked like cockroaches , they moved around . Growing as they did so.


They were too late...


Harper's view and thoughts :

They wont stop crying, I know I didn't really get to live my life for the longest time, but there's a reason for everything. And to be honest it's nice being up here - you can see the world from a whole new perspective, think of it as a birds eye view. It's my funeral, all my friends and family are there its not how I wanted it to be though - its so glum and sad. If only they could see me right now, I'm standing on a cloud and somehow not falling through. I have a cottage and a mini cooper, I have neighbours which are actually kind - they care for you here. Lorna doesn't have to pretend to be there for me like when I was in the hospital. Tomorrow , that's when my life will be officially a dream, the day after your spirit has been released(when you have had your funeral) you are given the gift of freedom, wings. Who would have thought it huh ? I'be seen people flying around and there wings glistening in the sun, although I want to drive around all day in my car, maybe I will be able to fly down to earth just to let my mom know im ok, and that there is no need to cry. I sit upright from which I had just been lying tummy front on the cloud and look around. People are going to get ice-cream and go to beach, going through portals which take you to another place of this heaven.

I'm safe ...


It's the day! The day where I can fly where I can roam around and be truly and entirely free. Opening my closet, I pull out the dress which has two slots in the back which will be where my wings will grow. The dress glows and changes colour from blue to yellow, my hair starts to untangle by it's self and forms into a bun with two strands of hair left at the front which are delicately curled. All of a sudden I begin to lift off the ground and two cherubs appear.

"It's time Harper." They say as they fly away and the wind pulls me towards them. Before I know it I'm in a room - which has gold and silver ingrained into the walls and there it is, the crown of wings. I place it on my head and watch as wings start to form. They're huge yet don't weigh anything. A tunnel opens and I fly through, I wonder what's next?

I am at the watch tower, this place where you can watch your loved ones and check on them. Although, I know im a angel I still feel as though im normal and don't feel alone.

I wipe my eyes as the tears fall and my wings they carry me...

I'll always watch them, no matter what, even if they don't realize it. I'll always wait and protect, and be in their heart.

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