Journey to Reality

by Kilroy1945



How did I end up here? I was just sitting in my house, when my crazy neighbor, Stan, came in screaming.

"DEREK!! DEREK!!" He shouted.

I sighed, "What is it, Stan?"

"Ya' gotta come with me!" He said, slightly shouting.

I got up from my dining room table, and followed him to his house.

He then rummaged through a big box of stuff. "Where is it? WHERE IS IT?!" He shouted.

Stan then started looking through another box, and after a few seconds, he took out a roll of paper.

"HERE IT IS!!" He yelled.

Stan set it on a near-by table, and unrolled it.

I looked at it, and saw a picture of an island just off the coast of Florida.

It looked to be only a mile from the furthest point of Florida.

"Are we going there this time?" I asked.

Stan grinned from ear to ear, "Oh, yeah! We're goin' there!"

I sighed, "Well...have you though about just HOW we're going to get there?" I asked.

"Oh yeah!" Stan replied. "It's time fer a road trip!" He continued.

"Alright." I said. "This better be worth it!"

Over the next few days, we drove down the entirety of the east coast of the United States.

We then, eventually, made it to the furthest point of Florida.

We then got in a peddle boat from the boat store, and we found the island exactly one mile from the beach.

We climbed off the boat, and walked to the center of the small island.

There we found a green gem. "That's it!" Said Stan.

"What's that?" I asked. "That's the' portal to the' real world." He replied.

He touched the gem, and vanished.

"Stan?" I said, confused. I walked to the gem, and touched it.

I saw a bright white flash, and then continued to see whiteness.

I realized that I was in an all white room.

Turning around, I saw Stan standing in front of a man dressed in a dark-blue suit, with a black tie.

I walked up to him, and asked "What is this place?"

"That's your friend I'm assuming?" He asked Stan.

"Yeah." Stan replied.

"Now..." The man began, "You're both wondering what this place is...and why your not in reality."

"Yeah...we would like to know that." I said.

"This is the closest place I can get you to. I am the author of this story, but even I can't bring you into the REAL world." The man said.

"I'm sorry, but this is where your story ends." He continued. So here I am, waiting to get back home...

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