Monday, September 9th, 2019

by Adventure Wynn


Thoughts on Big Pharma

I just heard on the news that malaria may be eradicated by 2050, a month ago the news was that malaria vaccines are "failing at alarming rates". Oh well, who are you going to believe? Better yet who you going to blame in 2050 when we still have malaria outbreaks? Big Pharma's failing vaccines or "anti-vaxxers"?

A person's right over their reproductive system is the same to me as a person's right over their immune system. I see Big Pharmas efforts to take that right away as well. You should be allowed to contract measles or chicken pox as a god given right and to deal with it as it was intended. People who don't understand the benefit of overcoming life's obstacles wont understand this reasoning. What created the greatest generation after all, life in an antiseptic world where convenience is the main evolutionary factor?

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