Open Carry Laws.

by Adventure Wynn

As a gun owner, if I was driving down the street and saw a guy with a weapon, my first impulse would be to run him over. It reasons to me that it would be safer to run him over than wait and see his intentions. I imagine a cop would have the same urge to draw his weapon too. So how fun would that be at the festival? Cops constantly drawing on civilians who feel unsafe in Marietta Ohio? That feeling of insecurity or vulnerability has to make you wonder about an armed civilians mental state. That's not a reasonable feeling in Marietta.

That's a case of an officer involved shooting that I could comfortably side with the officer without knowing much detail. The dude had an AR15?...oh OK... He's dead....of course. Thank Jehovah. That's the conversation to be had under those circumstances. Do the open carry civilians expect cops to keep their weapons holstered while they parade in their feather boas, with their full metal jackets and their AR15s? What if brown Americans start exercising their second amendment rights? Would your hill billy mind not explode from seeing a group of Sikh Americans carrying AR15s? I'd plow through the group at 50mph! Are you kidding me?

What happens when two armed civilians meet each other? Who decides when to take your bead off the other guy? Are you all going to wear #MAGA hats so you can identify each other? Well guess what the secrets out. All a shooter has to do is walk around with his AR15 wearing a #MAGA hat until hes located the first people to shoot. The only people you're not scaring are shooters. They have ice in their veins.

Are you not expecting a shooter to be that smart or plan ahead? Open carry civilians don't stand a chance against the types like the Columbine guys. You'd be out smarted by a teenager. That's no rhetorical statement. That's an easily observable fact. I'm sure they appreciate you identifying nervous types that carry guns are waving a flag saying "Shoot me!" At least I will say thank you for drawing the fire.

Civilians carrying weapons who don't think about "open carry" as only actually identifying themselves as an armed civilian makes me assume they are carrying a weapon out of ego and don't really expect to have to do anything. Because in a real life situation the only thing an open carry civilian is going to do is draw the first bullet...most likely from a police officer or another armed civilian. Are we going to have a crossfire on front street?

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