Her Story About Her

by blessing

Gloria gold know as G.G was born is Lagos Nigeria with 3 brothers and 1 sister her mom who she barely knew and her beloved grandmother who raised her most her life after her mother was gone when she was a baby not yet even a child but still no knowing her mother the story she heard made her feel like she know her all her life Gloria loved her grandmother her grandmother taught her how to cook and how to live as a young women Gloria was a young teen and as all young teens they had someone they were interested in and Gloria was interested in a young man name James cu James would always bring Gloria gifts to show how much he cared for her but Gloria could't always go home with those gifts because they would ask were she got it from but Gloria could always tell her aunt about things and her aunt would always help her so they gifts James gave her she would give to her aunt to bring home for her like she bought them for her when Gloria was about in her 19 -20 she came to the united states of America he said with her uncle in new York as well her sister Sasha and her brother nick a few months later Gloria had a doctors appointment finding out she was pregnant she knew who the father of the child was and it was James only man she been with so she called him and told him but still he was in Nigeria and they weren't together but they wanted the child 9 months later on January 20th 2005 Gloria gave birth to an amazing beautiful baby girl named Lora after her mother she felt like her mom came back to her another chance for them to know each other and as the years grew upon them they got to know each other love each other and they did't live happily ever after but they did live.THE END

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