The Darker Matter

by Kilroy1945


A man makes a time machine...what to do now?

James stepped into the capsule. It was only big enough for one person, but there was a storage compartment in the side of it. There was a panel on the side of the pod, there was a number pad, a letter keyboard, a lever, and a big red button. The lever had the letters AD above it, and the letters BC below it. James flipped the cold, metal, lever to the AD side, and typed in: Lake Herman, California 12/20/1968. The date of one of the Zodiac Killer's murders. James looked to the big red button labeled "Launch".

James slammed his hand on the button, The capsule sparked, and the black mass contained in the top of the pod became larger and larger until it engulfed the whole capsule. James looked out the glass door of the pod, and saw blackness with white streaks flying by.

Before long, James saw a car by the side of a road. He noticed a man walking to the car. James opened the storage compartment and took out a revolver. James opened the door of the pod, and creeped towards the man until he was right behind him. He cocked the revolver a few clicks and put it right against the man's head.

"You...are going to follow me..." James said. "Why would I do that?" The man said. "Because otherwise you'll be dead..." James said. The man spun around, and pointed his gun towards James. But James shot all six shots into the man's chest.

The man coughed up some blood, and then collapsed. Two people came out of the car, and screamed. James ran back to the capsule and set the date and place to his house and date. He then looked up the Zodiac Killer, and found nothing. No drawings of witness testimonies, no reports, it was like he had never even existed.

James thought he would try another prevention of death. He went down to his basement, and found another dark matter container, and replaced the used one with it. He then climbed into the pod, and typed in the date and place of John F. Kennedy's assassination. He then found himself on top of a building overlooking the president in the limo.

From the angle, James knew that it was where Kennedy was about to be shot.

James raced down the flight of stairs, and found a man with a sniper rifle pointing out the window. James took out his revolver, and pointed it at the man, and fired. The man dropped the rifle out the window, and James raced up to his pod. He then put in his home town and date.

"Where should I go next?" James said to himself. He thought for a minute, then had the greatest idea.

James set the place to Berlin, and the date to August second, 1934. He was going to kill Hitler.

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