Isabella and Stella

by Waynesboro guy


I was inspired to write this story by my experiences in Phuket Thailand. I chose Rio De Janeiro for the setting after taking to the Brazilian representatives at the 2019 festival of cultures in Charlottesville Virginia. Although I have not yet been to Brazil I felt that the beautiful, romantic beaches of Rio De Janeiro would be the perfect setting for this story. I would also like to thank my friend Dustin who took time out of his busy schedule to read over the story for me.

Disclaimer: this story is completely fictional. Any references to Brazilian men mistreating women or being involved in illegal activities are just simply plot divices and DO NOT emply that Brazilian men are all criminals. The UN does recognize that Brazil has high levels of crime however it is important to remember that the overwhelming majority of Brazilians both men and women are not involved in any form of illegal activity.

Isabella and Stella

An Aussie in Rio

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in Rio De Janeiro. Most of the students at the local college had taken a break from their studies to spend the day at Copacabana beach.

For the first time in many weeks two language students named Isabella and Stella joined their classmates at the beach.

As Isabella put her beach canga on the sand Stella tapped her on the shoulder.

Stella: "watch out. I just saw some jackass with a cell phone trying to film those girls over there."

Isabella wrapped a towel around herself so it covered her bikini top and pretended to wipe the sand off her shoulder. Stella put on her Rio soccer club t shirt as the man with the cell phone approached.

The man with the cell phone glanced at Stella with a deer in the headlights look when he realized that his cover was blown. Isabella and Stella both flipped him the bird. The man with the cell phone ran away after he got flipped off.

Isabella and Stella gave each other a high five when the man ran away.

Isabella: "what a jerk. Maybe we should go study. I still haven't finished my English homework."

Stella: "you've spent enough time in your room sulking. It's been six weeks since you dumped your worthless boyfriend. You need to start having fun again."

Isabella: "I can't believe I wasted three years of my life with that neanderthal. Okay I guess I'm ready to have fun again."

Stella took off her soccer shirt revealing her extremely small Brazilian bikini.

Stella: "last one in the ocean has to drink seawater."

Isabella: "hell no! I hate the taste of seawater. That's why I'm getting there first."

Isabella threw her towel in her bag and ran towards the water.

Isabella made it to the water first.

Isabella: "you know the rules. I was here first. Now you have to drink some seawater."

Stella picked up a handful of seawater and took a drink.

Stella coughed up the seawater.

Stella: "no matter how many times I do that it never gets any better. I need some water."

After Stella bought a bottle of water she rejoined Isabella in the water.

Isabella: "it sure feels weird for us to be here by ourselves. Maybe I should go study now."

Stella: "you're looking at this all wrong. Your ex boyfriend is in prison now. It's like you just got out of prison. You're free now."

Isabella: "you're right. I can do whatever I want! I don't even have to worry about him coming back for revenge."

Stella: "I've been all alone for six months and I love it."

Isabella: "you haven't been all alone for six months. I know you better than that."

Stella look back to the shore and saw some ladies playing beach volleyball.

Stella: "that looks like fun. let's go join them."

After two hours of playing beach volleyball Isabella and Stella went back to their congas to relax and buy drinks.

Isabella finished drinking coconut water and began looking for someone to buy more drinks from. Instead Isabella saw a western man establish eye contact with her and give her a very friendly, confident smile. Isabella was in such a good mood that she couldn't help but smile back. When Isabella smiled back the westerner approached her maintaining eye contact the whole time.

The westerner sat down in the sand next to Isabella.

Westerner: "good day mate. Do you speak English?"

Isabella: "yes we do."

Westerner: "I'm Oliver. What's your name?"

Oliver extended his hand to accept a handshake. Isabella and Stella accepted Oliver's handshake.

Isabella: "I'm Isabella. This is my best friend Stella. I've never met a westerner before. Are you from England?"

Oliver: "what makes you think I'm from England mate?"

Isabella: "your speaking British English."

Oliver: "no mate I'm from Australia."

Isabella: "wow. I never would have guessed that. You don't sound like the Australians in movies."

Oliver: "excuse me mate. How dare you assume that all Australians talk like Crocodile Dundee? You've got a lot to learn about Australia."

Oliver unrolled a Phuket beach towel on the sand next to Isabella.

Stella: "and you've got a lot to learn about Brazil. For starters that beach towel makes you look like a snob. In Brazil it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, everyone uses a simple, thin blanket called a canga."

Oliver rolled up his beach towel and put it back in his backpack.

Oliver: "okay mate I'll go get one. Have you had lunch yet?"

Isabella: "no, we haven't had lunch yet. What does that have to do with anything?"

Oliver: "I'll buy you lunch if you forgive my faux pal."

Stella: "I don't know. That was a big one mate."

Isabella: "I'm okay with that."

Oliver bought canga, three plates of food, two coconut waters, and a bottle of local beer. Oliver gave the food to Isabella and Stella.

Isabella: "this food looks good. Thank you."

Oliver: "no worries mate. So how did you two first meet?"

Stella: "we've talked to thousands of guys in our lives and no one has ever asked us that before."

Isabella: "we grew up in the same orphanage."

Oliver: "you're bloody joking me right?"

Stella embraced Isabella from the side.

Isabella: "no. We were both orphaned at four. We met in the orphanage when we were five years old and have been inseparable ever since."

Stella: "that's right. We might as well be sisters."

Oliver: "well at least you have each other. I can't even imagine what it must have been like to grow up in an orphanage. How were the conditions there?"

Stella: "it was run by the state so they took reasonably good care of us."

Oliver: "well that's good. Like me dad said after the bush fire burned our house to the bloody ground. Sometimes the world will have a go at you. What matters is what you do about it. You just have to get back up and have another go at it."

Isabella: "that actually applies to our situation amazingly well. You see I had to dump my boyfriend of three years six weeks ago. That ape was a soccer hooligan who got into a lot of trouble with the cops. He went to jail for getting into fights with rival soccer fans so many times. I reached my breaking point when he was caught trying to smuggle a load of weed into Argentina. I warned him that if he kept being stupid the cops would throw him in prison. That's exactly what Argentina did."

Stella: "my ex boyfriend was a bastard. Six months ago I caught him in bed with another girl."

Oliver: "I don't get it. Why would anyone mistreat such lovely little ladies?"

Isabella: "I don't know why we always seem to be attracted to idiots. We are students now. We're not in a gang and we don't do drugs. The only thing we do is drink when we go out. Usually on Saturday night, sometimes on Friday night to. Stella drank like a fish during carnival last year."

Stella: "oh you're really one to talk about that. You had more drinks than I did."

Oliver: "it's too bad I missed carnival. But I still get to do the next best thing. We're going to go to dinner tonight."

Stella: "we don't have any nice clothes with us."

Oliver: "that's okay mate. We'll just go a beachfront restaurant."

Isabella: "that sounds lovely. It's been forever since anyone took me to dinner. There is a great beach restaurant with a deck. I used to love watching the sunset from there."

Oliver: "if we hurry we can get a good table."

Isabella and Stella put on small dresses over their bikinis.

Oliver put on a Rio De Janeiro t shirt, stood up and pressed his hand to Isabella.

Oliver helped Isabella get up and took her by the arm.

Oliver took Isabella to the best beachfront restaurant on Copacabana.

As the sun set behind the mountains outside Rio De Janeiro Oliver placed his hand on Isabella's shoulder.

Oliver: "did you have a good dinner mate?"

Isabella sweetly put her hand on top of Oliver's hand.

Isabella: "yes. It is so nice to finally have dinner with someone who doesn't try to fight every other guy."

Oliver: "that's not what we do in Australia. We just say no worries mate. The food was good but it made me thirsty. Let's go get drinks now."

Isabella: "that sounds lovely. There is a great beach club just a little farther down the beach."

Stella: "I'm coming to. I better keep an eye on you two."

Oliver bought several rounds of drinks and more food for Isabella and Stella at the beach club.

After Isabella finished a plate of food Oliver noticed her looking at the dance floor.

Oliver took Isabella by the arm.

Oliver: "shall we my sweet."

Isabella: "okay that sounds lovely mate."

Isabella and Oliver went onto the dance floor and began to dance together in a very friendly way.

After the first song ended Oliver moved Isabella's hair off the side of her head and kissed her on her cheek.

Isabella loved being kissed so sweetly and gave Oliver a peck on his cheek in return.

By the end of the next song Oliver and Isabella were climbing all over each other.

After several more songs Isabella and Oliver returned to their table to get more drinks.

When she returned to the table Isabella looked Stella as Oliver continued to climb all over her.

Isabella: "We're having a great time. After we finish our drinks we'll go do some more dancing."

Stella rolled her eyes.

Stella: "just get a room."

Oliver: "why that's an outstanding idea mate. In fact I've already got one."

Oliver gave Isabella another sweet peck on the cheek.

Oliver: "do you want to come to my hotel room my sweet."

Stella: "why the hell did I say that in English? I'm so wasted."

Isabella: "do you have protection?"

Oliver: "of course I do my sweet."

Isabella: "can I see your hotel business card?"

Oliver gave Isabella his hotel's business card.

Isabella showed the card to Stella.

Isabella: "I'll be spending the night here."

Stella wrote down the hotel's name, address, phone number and Oliver's room number.

Stella: "you know you don't have to do this."

Isabella: "it will be fun. Besides you did the same thing during carnival."

Stella: "well if anything goes wrong and you can't call the cops text me an exclamation mark and I'll call them for you. Well have fun you two."

Isabella and Oliver went outside and caught a cab back to his hotel.

Isabella showed her identity card to the hotel security guard and he allowed her to go to Oliver's room.

Isabella sat on the corner of Oliver's bed and started brushing her hair.

Isabella: "do you have any bottled water?"

Oliver handed Isabella a fresh bottle of water.

Isabella: "you're lucky mate. If you had said no I would already be gone."

Oliver laughed and offered Isabella a fresh pack of sugar cookies.

Oliver: "here's a little something sweet for my sweetness."

Isabella opened the pack of sugar cookies and ate one of them. Oliver sat on the bed next to Isabella and began running his fingers through Isabella's hair.

Isabella couldn't remember the last time she had been treated with such tenderness.

Oliver gave Isabella a sweet kiss on her cheek when she finished her snack.

Oliver: "are you feeling playful my sweet?"

Isabella fell back onto the bed and started playing with her hair.

Isabella: "maybe a little bit"

Oliver laid down on the bed next to Isabella and started kissing her.

After kissing for several minutes Isabella let Oliver take her dress off. Oliver began to sweetly caress Isabella after her dress was off.

Finally Oliver took Isabella's bikini off and began making love to her.

For two hours Oliver and Isabella made love until he got too tired.

Oliver gave Isabella a sweet kiss on her cheek.

Oliver: "sorry mate. I'm out of energy."

Isabella: "well that's too bad. I was having such a great time."

Isabella began to sweetly cuddle with Oliver until they both fell asleep.

The next morning Isabella was awakened by a text message from Stella. Isabella rolled over to get her phone and accidentally elbowed Oliver in his neck.

Oliver woke up and put his hand on his neck.

Oliver: "what was that for mate?"

Isabella: "sorry I was just trying to get my phone. I got a message from Stella."

Oliver: "no worries mate. Would you like to get breakfast?"

Isabella: "That sounds lovely mate."

Isabella took a shower and got dressed.

Oliver took Isabella's picture with his phone after she got dressed.

Oliver took Isabella to small restaurant near his hotel.

Oliver: "meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. I guess it was about time my luck turned around. Last year I was bitten by a highly poisonous eastern brown snake. It's the deadliest snake in Australia."

Isabella: "oh my goodness! How did you survive?"

Oliver: "I was clearing some brush for the city of Canberra when I was bitten. My boss called an ambulance and they got me to the hospital in time. They have very effective antivenin for eastern brown snake venom. The trick is getting it in time. The doctor said that if I had arrived fifteen minutes later I would be dead."

Isabella: "I'm so glad that you're okay. Why didn't you tell me this last night?

Oliver: "I didn't think that you would believe me."

Isabella: "why wouldn't I believe you?"

Oliver: "because I thought that you would assume it was a lame Australian pick up line."

Isabella: "staying alive is so hard that most people have had at least one brush with death. One time my ex boyfriend pointed an AK-47 at me in a drunken rage."

Oliver: "my goodness love! that's terrible. I hope he went to jail."

Isabella: "he did but not for that. I don't know why I wasted three years with that idiot."

Oliver: "I don't understand why you don't go out with the other students."

Isabella: "the guys at my school are so boring."

Oliver: "your a student and your worst enemy wouldn't call you boring. It's probably not the students who are boring it's probably the setting that's boring."

Isabella: "oh my goodness. I think you're right."

Oliver: "well I'm glad we figured that out. So do you want to come with me to the statue of Christ the redeemer this afternoon?"

Isabella: "unfortunately I have to go finish my English homework. Do you have a Google hangouts account?"

Oliver: "yes. Would you like to add me as a contact?"

Isabella opened Google hangouts on her phone and gave her phone to Oliver.

Isabella: "go ahead and type your email address into my account."

Oliver gave Isabella her phone back after he added his email address to her account.

Oliver: "unfortunately I have to get moving to beat the crowds at the statue of Christ. Well best of luck to you mate."

Isabella: "well I better get back to my room. That English paper isn't going to finish itself."

Isabella went back to the university.

That afternoon Isabella had a long conversation with Stella over lunch.

Stella: "so how was it?"

Isabella: "Oliver was very sweet. He even bought me breakfast this morning."

Stella: "next time you try to say I'm the bad one I'll just remind you that you slept with a westerner. However I can't remember the last time someone brought me breakfast."

Isabella: "you know how we find the other students boring?"

Stella: "what does that have to do with anything?

Isabella: "Oliver said that maybe it's not the students who are boring maybe it's the university."

Stella: "he might have a point there. It's definitely something to think about.

Anyway I got us two tickets to the big Rio vs. São Paulo soccer match next weekend."

Isabella: "that's great. I can't wait to see it."

Stella: "hopefully the local soccer hooligans won't ruin it."

Isabella: "I'm sure it will be just fine."

The end

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