The Zending Chapter 5

by Kilroy1945


The ending

Gabe and Alex pushed against the wind of the desert to the pyramid. Gabe opened his duffle bag, and pulled out a chunk of C4 he grabbed from Area 51, and wired it through a timer. He then taped it to the pyramid and rushed Alex away.

After what felt like eternity, the pyramid had a large hole in the side of it. Gabe and Alex rushed into the hole to escape the incoming sand storm. It was dark and damp in the pyramid, and smelled like decaying corpses. Gabe reached into his bag, and pulled out a flashlight. When he turned it on, he saw a large spider web in front of a staircase.

Alex screamed, while Gabe just brushed it away and continued on. Gabe and Alex went down the staircase in front of them. It went on for hours.

"How long does this staircase go on for?" Alex asked. "No idea." Gabe replied. When they reached the bottom, they found an all white room, with string everywhere. Gabe looked around, and saw pods hanging from the ceiling. He looked down a bit, and saw a balboas thing zoom away from the light beam.

Gabe was speechless. "Alex?" Gabe said. "Yes?" Alex replied. "Reach in the bag, and take out the shotgun..." Gabe said. Alex quickly got out the shotgun, and gave it to Gabe. Gabe held the pump part of the shotgun, and the flashlight in the same hand. Gabe looked around and found the balboas object that he had seen before.

He slowly moved the flashlight and the gun further down the brown, hairy, body. He then saw the head of the it. It was a giant spider, as big as a Tesla car.

The spider started turning to face Gabe, but before it could finish turning, Gabe pulled the trigger. He pumped the shotgun, and shot it again, and again, and again. The spider then turned on its' back and its' legs curled up. Gabe shot it one more time to be on the safe side.

Gabe checked around for anymore spiders, and, thankfully, saw none. Him and Alex continued through the door at the other side of the room, and saw a pedestal with a small diamond on it. Gabe ran to the pedestal and picked up the blue gemstone. It was heavier than expected, and was only about an inch big.

He then slotted it into a gem-shaped cavity on gun device he had made at Area 51.

He then fired the device at the wall of the room, and a hole appeared on it.

Through the hole was a world which was empty, with the exception of one thing, a swivel chair.

Gabe motioned for Alex to follow him, and Alex came running. They both jumped through the portal, and felt their feet land on something solid, although they couldn't see anything. The two made their way to the chair, and Gabe immediately turned it around. On it, sat a small four sided pyramid, made of a black substance.

It was tingling to the touch, and almost felt alive.

There was a small red button on the bottom of it.

Gabe started moving his hand towards it, but paused. He then continued to push it.

He was then shocked with a massive amount of energy. He screamed, then looked at his hands, and saw that his whole body had turned white. His mind was racing. But then, it just clicked. He had achieved the utmost power in the world. He could make the world the way he wanted, and make all the people bow to him.

"Wh-what are you?!" Alex stammered, terrified.

"I am God...I am the Devil...I am Doctor Manhattan!" Gabe answered.

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