Trump Supporters

by Adventure Wynn

Just like "The Tea Party" has quickly been forgotten, Trumps supporters are in a similar position. Once he leaves office, when ever that is and for whatever reason, there will be nothing left to record. I for one will remember that he, unlike Obama, didn't perpetually tax us with saving the Health care industry from bankruptcy. But as a party his supporters will be forgotten. A party based on an individual is not a movement, whether its Teddy Roosevelt or Donald trump.

The only thing that will be remembered at this point in the history books, will be the foundation of falsehoods he has built his presidency on. I would hope that if the tables were turned and I was in your shoes, with a little humility I would be accepted back into the Brother and Sisterhood of family that I had been led astray from. As Trump supporters, don't be the part of history no one remembers. But know that when history sets you adrift alone, let me be the first to say I ain't mad at ya. I understand where you were coming from but Trump ain't the answer to any problem that we as a nation have. He is just the movement of the day (no pun intended)

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