Sam 2

by J Deacon


A continuation to Sam

What crisp air this autumn day. It has been far too long since I have seen the sun, looked down at the ground, or even had warm food. I have never ridden in a car, and I have never used a computer or telephone. I may just sound like an old-timer, but those creations were not available in my youth. The only part of the past that matters is the deal sealed in blood long ago. My time has come, I will have what is mine; but first, I need to remind people why they have fear.

The sun has set, and I search for the perfect introduction. There they are, look at them with their fingers intertwined, those smiles, their self-deceived innocence.

"Excuse me, sir, would you mind" I began while staring into his eyes, locking him into a hypnotic gaze.

"Sorry, we don't have any change" his lady friend interrupted. "Come on George, let's go."

My eyes dart over to hers, "Sharon, that wasn't very polite. Interrupting me while I speak, You remind me I have chosen wisely", I said bringing her into a trance of her own.

"Yes, we can help. We stay just around the corner, you can clean up there" George offered.

When we arrived at their apartment, they stood just inside with the door closed, waiting for me to speak.

"Sharon, I am very disappointed in your behavior tonight", I said looking at her. "George you may want to watch this".

"Sharon, take off your clothes, all of them" I commanded, she obeyed, as her free will was no more. "It has been a long time for me, but I'm sure tonight will be the last night you ever disrespect me. I began to have my way with her as George stood by, watching. His eyes screamed of pain and anger, but his body was under my control. The depravity of what I was doing, I could hear her crying, she would not stop me, but there was no secret you wanted it to end.

"OK my dear, it is almost over," I said continuing the onslaught of defilement. "George, can't you see she is in pain? Cut her throat and end it for her" I demanded without stopping. His tears built up more and more, but he did as I commanded. "Wait, I want to enjoy this," I told him. "Do it now Georgie boy, while I finish inside of her". He did, as I knew he would. The tears rolled down his cheeks, so much pain inside him.

"Ok Georgie, now yourself. I can't have a pussy carrying out my commands". With that, he cut his own throat and sunk to the floor bleeding. "Of all places to do that, you picked in front of the door", I said kicking him out of the way. I left the apartment, and some nosey old lady poked her head out her door, "What's going on in there?" she asked.

"Go" is all I said, and she went inside leaving her front door open as she leaped off her sixth-floor balcony. I suppose this is an acceptable start.

I must mold a disciple. In the underbelly of the city, I began my search. I haven't been here in this form before, though I know every wall, outlet, crevice, and more. A place where the undesirables of society spend their time and money. There he is, charismatic, and he seems to hold absolute authority among his peers; he will do nicely. First I make sure he notices me, once I have his attention, I will have his admiration.

"Do you have a problem?" he called out to me. "The way you keep staring at me, I don't know if you want to fight me or suck my dick".

"Come and see for yourself, Vince", I calmly replied.

Just then, he began to approach me; he was standing toe-to-toe with me, but unable to strike.

"What have you done to me", he asked in a quiet voice that only he and I could hear. He gazed into my eyes and it became clear.

"What would you like me to do?" He said in a defeated voice.

I showed him more of what was to come.

"Go and gather the others, they will be needed" I commanded.

Days later, at an abandoned factory, I met my new disciples, and just as I requested a beautiful woman, ripe for the ceremony. I led them inside to an open area with an alter.

"What the hell are we doing here?" one of the men questioned.

One by one, I briefly let them see. All of them except my guest of honor; I showed her something different, immortality. I walked around them and the alter lighting all of the candles.

"Lie down on the alter my dear," I said gesturing with my hand.

She came before me and removed all of her clothing; she looked into my eyes one last time and then took her place.

"Gentlemen, you have all seen; now focus your energy, she is a vessel," I said to them "Now begin!"

One by one, my disciples removed their clothing, and each filled the vessel with their seed. The more aggression they displayed, the more power was transferred into her. After hours of a seemingly unending onslaught brought upon her, they finished. She was in too much pain to move, too much to even speak.

"Raise her" they were told. They tied ropes around her ankles and hoisted her upside down. I assumed my position beneath her, and like cattle, her blood was drained from her. Bathing me in a crimson bath, giving me all that she had just received. They bowed their heads down to me and in unison "it has been done as commanded."

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