The Zending Chapter 4

by Kilroy1945

Alex was following the insane, muttering body of his friend. "OOH! There it is!" Gabe said, pointing ahead.

Gabe ran forward and picked a strange mushroom-like item.

"Okay...we've got the bladder...we just need to combine this with some water, and that should put us one step closer." Gabe said.

Gabe reached into his duffle bag and pulled out one of his bottles of water. He then took the bladder, and poured water on it.

The bladder grew, and grew, until it was a giant tree.

From that tree dropped a glowing ball. "OH! HO HO!!!" Gabe said. "We've got a space seed! Now..." Gabe threw the seed on the ground.

A round hole opened in the air. Gabe giggled.

"Uh..." Alex said. " a portal to the universe closest to this one. We just need to go through a few more, and we should be good." Gabe explained.

"What are we going to do when we're...'Good'?" Alex asked.

"DON'T QUESTION...I mean...please don't question me." Gabe said.

Gabe and Alex stepped through the portal, and found themselves in a land of sand. There was a pyramid about a mile away.

"Here we are!" Gabe said. "That pyramid should have the next part."

To be continued...

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