The Monster

by J Deacon

It's a dark room, only one dim light illuminates two men. One man is tied to a chair, the other, a shadow of a figure walking in circles around him like a shark encompassing his prey.

"What do you want? You don't need to do this. You can let me go, I never saw your face" he quivered out killing the deafening silence.

"Shhh, you are right Thomas. I don't need to, but want to", the Shadow responded as he removed Thomas's pinky nail with a pair of pliers. No words to be heard, only the cries of pain. Slowly the Shadow retrieves a hammer from the darkness around, and with no warning brings it down on the right shoulder of Thomas, leaving his arm merely attached by flesh and muscle. Screams of pain filled the room. "Shhh," he said as he stuffed a rag in his mouth and secured it in place with duct tape. Next, the shadows placed a cinder block between his preys feet, and with two swings at the ankles. The sound of bone snapping and flesh-tearing was only slightly overshadowed by the muffled cries of the damned.

Without another word, the Shadows began to aggressively and violently rake the face, chest, hands, and genitals with a cheese grater. Blood dripped to the floor, mingled with curds of flesh. The shadow begins to circle again, only to reveal a knife that has been out of sight. Slowly he carves deeply into the gut the letter "P". Holding the knife in his right hand he holds a photograph for Thomas to see. The tears begin to fall harder and the screams grow louder through the gag. He sets the photo down, grabs Thomas by the hair and cuts both of his eyes out. The screams grow louder and louder and louder, then suddenly, silence. Thomas's body is limp, he has passed out. The shadow drops the knife on the grounding pulls out a pistol. BAM! BAM! Two to the head, Thomas is dead. Suddenly a phone rings. Cries can be heard coming from the phone.

"It's ok princess, the monster is gone. He can never hurt you again"

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