The Failure of Anti-malarial Drugs

by Adventure Wynn

Have you heard news reports that anti malarial drugs are failing. I heard 90% of the time. This reminds me of what I've read about vaccines failing. The Big Pharma propaganda blames "anti-vaxers" for this but the evidence perhaps suggests something that big pharma cant control. For now, if you want to stay on the safe side let your immune system do what it evolved doing. Suffer through the inconvenience of non life threatening viruses for future generations or in the future you may not have the option. Big Pharma is sacrificing the safety of future generations for their profits. If measles and mumps start killing people it's because the virus has mutated because of vaccines.

There is little doubt in my mind that we are going to be fighting industrial strength viruses in the future. It's like that scene from Jurassic Park where Goldblooms character says, "Life always finds a way." This is no joke! Instead of T-Rexs running a muck it will be microscopic organisms. Big pharma might accidentally cause non threatening viruses to become lethal in the future. In 100 years the world might get wiped out by chicken pox.Just don't swallow the propaganda with out asking questions. That's my position.

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