The Zending Chapter 3

by Kilroy1945

Gabe sat up and started cackling. "I KNOW THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!" He shouted, before cackling again. Gabe then took a blowtorch to the device that shocked him. He looked into the box and saw a crystal, some wires, and the electronics of the switches.

Gabe started cutting out the wires, and reworking the whole device.

He added a grip, changed one of the switches into a button, and added some of the tech from the large object from under the sheet. He pushed the button, and a large hole opened before him. He looked through it, and saw a small, poorly-lit room. In it was his old friend, Alex.

Gabe reached through the hole and grabbed Alex by the arm. Gabe yanked the confused Alex through the hole, and brought him to the testing lab of Area 51.

Alex looked around, obviously confused and questioning what was going on.

"Gabe?...what's going on?" Alex asked. "I have a bunker..." Gabe paused to laugh a little. "...for over a decade!" Gabe explained what had happened to himself, and how he had brought Alex to the lab. "Oh I get it!" Alex said, understanding the situation.

"So we're going on an adventure!" Gabe said, ecstatically. He aimed the gun-like device at the floor, and pressed the trigger. They both looked through the hole, and saw a land of purple grass, and orange skys. "This is our first stop!" Gabe said. "We're looking for a thing called a Gas-o-pod bladder. It'll look like a mushroom, with a bunch of holes in it."

Gabe jumped into the portal, and was followed by Alex.

They landed in the land of purple grass and orange skys. The grass felt warm to the touch, and the skys were as if there wasn't a sun at all, or that the sun was invisible. The clouds were spirals, and the trees were beyond description with words.

Alex looked around, amazed. He saw flying creatures as if they were made of pure insanity. "Okay! We should start looking for the bladder." Gabe stated.

To be continued...

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