The Zending Chapter 2

by Kilroy1945


The Zending part 2

Gabe walked down the path for what felt like a year. After a while, he let his head hang down, he was tired. But right when he thought that he should turn back, he looked up from the ground, and saw the facility.

Gabe started running as fast as possible, he was so happy, he promised the boys he would be there.

Gabe sprinted the entrance, and kicked the door open, panting with a giant smile on his face. He stopped to catch his breath, and realized that there was no one there. His happiness then quickly faded. "I made it, guys...sorry I'm over a decade late..." He said, realizing that his friends may have gotten to the good stuff.

He went into through the facility to the room labeled as "Testing Area". He noticed that everything seemed untouched.

He saw a giant glass pod, with a tube of wires going from that one to another glass pod. He also spotted a large sheet over something. But one thing over everything interested him the most.

A small metal box with switches, a small keyboard, and a monitor on it. Gabe picked it up and turned it over. He saw nothing, not even any screw holes.

He tried flipping some switches on it, and the monitor turned on.

Text was displayed saying "Activate universal information transfer?". Gabe tried to type yes, but as soon as he touched the Y key, he was shocked on the hand. "OW!" He yelped, dropping the device. "God dammit! Piece...of...oh..." Gabe passed out.

The next thing he knew he was waking up on the floor of the lab with thoughts racing through his head.

Gabe got a huge smile on his face, a smile of insanity.

To be continued...

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