The Zending

by Kilroy1945


Gabe's been in a bunker for a decade...

Gabe woke up in the bunker he had grown so accustom to. He sat up, stretched, and got out of the bed. Gabe then proceeded to go to his desk, where his journal sat. He turned to the next open page, and started writing. "Day 3681" He wrote. "Today is the day." He continued. "This is the day I leave. I will miss this place, but I just might come back one day." He closed his journal, and put it into a drawer in the desk.

Gabe packed his things into a large duffle bag, a gun, ammo, his phone, some food, and plenty of water. Gabe then opened up a large steel door, and flicked a light switch behind him. the room that he had just left turned black, and Gabe almost closed the door. But he then realized that he forgot something. He opened the door, turned the light switch on, and grabbed his stuffed frog from his bed.

Gabe then exited the room, and closed the door. Gabe climbed the ladder to the hatch to the outside world. Gabe twiddled the wheel on the hatch, and was almost blinded by the bright sun shining into the bunker.

Gabe looked out, blinked a few times, and continued to climb out. He looked around, and saw nothing but destroyed buildings, and one crater about a hundred feet away. Gabe started walking towards the crater.

He almost immediately noticed that there was a shiny green object in the middle of the crater. Gabe was cautious, but decided to stay away from it. Gabe started walking East. On his way he saw what was left behind by humanity. Old roads, discarded trashcans, and giant billboards in the middle of the road. Just outside of the city, Gabe spied a mangled corpse. It looked as though it had been burnt and torn apart.

There was dried blood all over the place.

Gabe opened up his duffle bag and took out his stuffed frog. "Hey, Froggy?" He asked it. "Yes, Gabe?" It relied in it's naturally high-pitched voice. "Froggy, what do you think I should do?" Gabe asked. "Maybe you should try contacting Alex?" It replied. "Great idea, Froggy!" Gabe replied.

Gabe put the stuffed frog back into the duffle bag, he then pulled out his phone and started going through his contacts. He quickly found Alex, and sent him a text.

"Alex, I have been in a bunker for over a decade. I need to find you now. Where are you?" He wrote, and pressed the send button. After a minute, Gabe had gotten nothing, so he put his phone in his pocket, and zipped up his duffle bag.

He then got up and continued on his way. Gabe walked through what was left of Roswell, and eventually found a sign. "Authorized personnel only. Trespassers will be shot."

Gabe knew where his was, Area 51.

To be continued...

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