Young George Washington

by Adventure Wynn

This is a story that I heard from my father and he heard from his father and so forth and so on.

There's a family legend that a great grandfather of mine named Josiah, who lived in Maryland on a tobacco plantation in the mid 1700s, had a bet with a neighbor's son who lived across from them on the west bank of the Potomac. The "High Bank" they called it back then for various reasons. Anyway, it is said he bet Augustine Washington's son Georgie a silver dollar that he would lose his virginity to a slave girl.

George Washington, even as a young man was very emotional and would often take offence. He was well known for flying into rages his entire life. My grandfather knew he had little control over his passions. He had seen it on display.

He knew it was a sure bet too. One reason he was so sure was he had overheard his daughters joking about the young Washington's teeth many times. Anyone conversing with him was familiar with the odor... And the second reason was that it was the 18th century, all young men who grew up on plantations lost their virginity this way.

Still it was a surprise when one evening at the dinner table, without warning, a silver dollar came ricocheting thru the kitchen, nearly killing Old Kate after breaking a windowpane in the big house. When my grandfather went out he found no one there. He only reasoned that the young Washington, in his way, was making good on his bet.

Later it was rumored that after Washington had indeed forced himself on a wretched slave girl for the first time, it was reported he left the slave shack in such a fury that he "removed the door from the hinge". Terrified witnesses also said that as he flew across the lawn cursing the House of Wynn he produced a silver dollar from his pocket, and in one great motion sent it flying toward my grandfather's plantation on the other side of the Potomac.

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