Darling... Are You All Right?!

by Taraswi

Silence was broken by the peal of a musician's piano inducing the couple to realise that their eyes have been talking to each other for quite a while now. "A lover's eyes will gaze an eagle blind"...He said with a charming look in his eyes. "Don't look at me like that", she said to him blushing like the moonlight. She got up, leaned towards him to give a peck on his left cheek and whispered in his ears..."I will be back in a jiff, babe" and then headed to the restroom. Quite exhilirated and kind of nervous with pursuing the idea of making a grand proposal to his girlfriend, he gave a thumbs up to the waiter and immediately rushed to the men's restroom for one final rehearsal at Dunkirk. However in the midway, something shiny caught his attention from the opposite restroom, something he was very familiar with. Unflichingly intrigued by the same, he went in for that and decided to peep in through the narrow slit. He got pretty much elated to see a gorgeous girl in a sequin black dress and the moment he realised it was his beautiful girlfriend, he decided to jump in to surprise her. But something really weird stopped him from doing that! The moment he shifted his attention towards the mirror, he saw the reflection of something very horrifying. Well, he wasn't sure whether it was a something or "someone" but it kept on mimicking his girlfriend's movements and actions. And the moment she picked up this horrible, red-brown spider thing with terrifying claws and twitching antennae from the floor and said "Yum!", it just scared the crap out of him! He fled from that place immediately, entered the men's restroom and shut the door behind him. Petrified and devastated by that horrifying sight, he crumbled on the floor completely baffled! And before he could recover from that shock, the door just went wide open with a pretty well known and soothing voice that asked..."Darling, are you all right?!"

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