To Play God

by Kilroy1945


A story of a man abusing power.

Micheal walked down the street, head hanging down. He passed stores, and didn't even flinch when a train zoomed pass him.

Micheal saw another train coming, it got closer, and closer. Micheal thought for a moment.

He knew what he was going to do. When the train was around twenty feet away, Micheal jumped in front of the train, and then suddenly woke up in his bed.

He looked around, and saw his room. It was exactly how he had left it when he went to work that day, he played the day through in his head, right when the phone rang.

Micheal looked at the number: 491-991-9714

He didn't recognize it. He answered it, wondering who it was. "Hello?" He said. "This is Mike Dunn?"

There was no response for a second. "Ah, Mike! You don't know me, but I am what you would consider god." A voice on the other end said.

Mike was dumbfounded, he laughed, "You're kidding! Right?" He asked.

"No, Mike. I am not kidding." The man said. "And, I'm here to offer you a very rare deal. I will help you in life! You've had a rough existence, and you need some help."

"I DO NOT NEED--" Mike tried to say.

"Yes you do..." Said the voice. "Sleep on it, and just shout when you want my help."

The person on the other end hung up, and Mike went to work. Somehow, mike was on time for work. Was it the person on the other end doing something that only god could do?

Mike didn't know, or care. He just wanted to get a days worth of pay.

That night, Mike had thought about what the person on the phone had said. Mike grabbed his phone, and tried calling the number. All Mike got was a standard number-not-in-service message.

Mike thought for a moment, the person did say "just shout". "HEY!" Mike shouted. "Could you help me with my love-life?". Mike then got a text on his phone: "What type would you like?" read the text message.

Mike replied with his specified with his dream girl, and then heard a knock at the door. When he opened the door, he saw a beautiful blond girl with blue eyes standing behind it.

"Um...hello." She said, her voice was slightly breathy. "My name's Tandy...I work with you, and was wondering if you...wanted to go out with me?"

Mike was blushing. "Sure!" he replied. The next thing Mike new they were at a fancy restaurant eating together.

They talked for a bit, and eventually went back to Mike's house. They watched a movie, and then Tandy went home. The next day at work, Mike saw her.

They had lunch together, and shared phone numbers.

That night, Mike got a text from her. It was an address. There was another text, telling Mike to come over.

Mike drove over as fast as he could, and soon enough, they started having sex.

The next day, Mike got a text from Tandy again. It was a picture of her breasts.

There was another text that followed saying: "Any time you want, I'm always here."

Mike got a huge grin on his face.

"Hey, man!" he shouted. "Could you give me some extra cash?"

Mike then got a text from the number of the voice on the phone: "In the basement." It read. Mike went down to his basement, and saw stacks, and stacks of money.

Mike continued to wish for things, get stuff, and have fun with Tandy.

But one day, he shouted to the voice. "Hey! Could I get your power?"

Mike then got a text: "No." It read

"Come on! You granted all of my other wishes!" Mike shouted.

Mike got another text: "Alright fine."

Mike got a big grin on his face, but then couldn't feel his legs.

He looked, and saw his lower body disappearing.

He got a text that read: "Or I could just remove you from existence!"

Tandy walked in the room, and saw her husband fading away.

They both screamed, and Tandy went to call 911. Mike was almost half faded away when Tandy dialed the number.

The operator answered. "911 what's your emergency?"


Tandy sat by her quarter-existent husband, holding his hand. "Don't worry honey..." Mike said. "I deserve this."

"NO YOU DON'T!!" Tandy cried. "You'll be fine!"

Mike laughed a little. "I love you, Tandy. I always have."

"I love you too, Mike! I'll always remember you!" Tandy replied.

They were both crying. The police bashed the door open, and saw a woman sitting in front of a chair.

"Hello, Miss. Can you tell us what's wrong?" One of the officers asked.

Tandy stopped crying. "Where am I?" She asked.

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