A Baby Having Everything Chapter 2

by Kilroy1945


Chapter 2 of ABHE

Matt woke up to the sound of thunder. He looked out his window and saw a mysterious figure. He thought nothing of it, and went back to bed. The next morning he got up and went downstairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

This morning was different however.

Matt saw a man standing across the road. He tried to ignore the man, but couldn't shake the feeling that the man was trying to tell him something. Matt eventually got dressed and went to school.

When he got there he started reading the book for his book report, when he spotted a man out of the corner of his eye.

It was the man from earlier just standing there. After Matt got home that day, everything seemed to be fine. Matt sat down and started watching some TV.

But then he spotted the man again. Just outside his house again. In the light Matt got a better view of the figure.

The figure was about 4 feet, had a grey hoodie on, black pants, grey tennis shoes, but Matt couldn't see the face all he could see was the shadow of the hoodie. At this point, Matt was getting really freaked out.

He thought that he should tell his parents about the man. When Matt told his dad and brought him back to where he saw the figure, the figure was gone.

At school the next day, his teacher told Matt and the class that they were going on a field trip to William Azar's lab, where he made all of his breakthrough machines. On the way there Matt's friend, Tommy Azar, sat on the bus staring forward. Never blinking. Like he was having Vietnam flashbacks.

When they got to William's lab, William revealed his new machine. It was a chair.

The chair had two arm rests on it, a big metal box on the back, and a bowl shaped device connected to the box, and the bowl had little spikes on the inside of it. To demo it, William used one of his engineers who was afraid of spiders. He sat him down in the chair, and flipped the switch on the back of the machine.

There was a few seconds of sparks. And then nothing. William then put a spider on the worker's shoulder.

The worker looked at it. Then brushed it off. The students applauded. Matt wanted to get rid of his fear of the man that he had been seeing for around a month at that point. So he gladly went up to try it.

Little did he know...he was one of the lucky ones.

On the way back to school, Matt kept asking Tommy about why he didn't try the machine. "You don't want to know." said Tommy. Later at home, Matt thought about what could have made Tommy not want to try the machine. It was at that moment that he noticed the figure out the window.

But since Matt was no longer afraid of him, he ignored him.

A few days later, he was reading the paper and saw the headline 'William Azar imprisoned in mental institute'. He read about how William was using snake oil machines to cover-up murders.

'So I'm still afraid of the man?' Matt thought, trying to grasp the full reality of the situation. Matt then heard a knock at the door. He sat there. Frozen solid. Not knowing whether he should open the door or not. Eventually he did. It was Tommy, who continued to explain why he didn't use the machine. Matt, who was his friend, believed him. "Who's that?" asked Tommy. "Who's who?" asked Matt. "That person outside." Tommy replied. Matt turned around. It was the man who had been following him for weeks. Matt grabbed his pistol his dad had given him for emergencies. A two millimeter kalibre. The smallest gun ever. Just big enough to kill someone if the shot is placed right. Matt opened the door. To see the man standing right there in front of him. Matt starting shooting him. The figure started spazzing around. Until he fell backward. Matt unloaded a few more clips into the figure until he was sure he was dead.

Tommy grabbed the phone and called nine one one. "...hello? My friend just shot a man twenty times in the chest. I need you to send help right now!" said Tommy. "N-no. Tommy, you don't get it!" Matt stammered. "This guy's been following me around for like twelve weeks now!" Matt continued.

"Well I've been living with a homicidal con-man for around 15 years!" Tommy shouted. Both of them heard sirens in the distance.

Matt ran up to Tommy and socked him in the face. Tommy kneed him back.

The two continued like this for around a minute. Until an officer came up to the front door. "HEY!!! Is one of you Tommy Azar?" said the officer.

"I am!" said Tommy. "Where's the man you said your friend shot? Because I don't see a body here." said the officer. Tommy and Matt looked at the place where the body was just before. Only it was gone.

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