Terrible Desire

by Safira Sudarbo

Richard Connelly sat down on a bench in the autumn golden forest. He looked at the young girl next to him. "How are you, kid?", he asked her. She didn't turn round. "Fine, thanks", she answered. A short silent moment made him feel embarrassed, so he cleared his throat. "I'm wondering where your parents are", he continued, "and why you're sitting all alone here." - "My parents are about to divorce and I've had enough of them fighting, so I'm here, trying to come to terms with all the trouble that's going on." - "Well, let me introduce myself, my name is Richard Connelly and I'm a lawyer. I can help your parents. Who are you?" - "I'm Violet." Finally she turned round to him. They shook hands. "How old are you, Violet?" - "I'm 13 since last week." They paused once again. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Violet shook her head, but she didn't look sad. "Well then, it's about time you get one", Richard said, not sounding persuasive enough. "I mean, you're 13, it's the perfect age to get a first date." Violet looked at Richard skeptically and responded with a plain "no".

All of a sudden Richard became sort of nervous. His fingers began shivering. Violet cringed at his behaviour and slowly distanced herself from him. "The truth is", Richard said, "I like you." Violet chuckled. "But we don't know each other", she replied. "I like you, Violet", Richard repeated himself. "No, it's not that. I fancy you." She became pretty disgusted. "I thought you were nice, but you're creepier than any teacher in this village", she told him. "By the way, my parents already have a lawyer for their divorce, so excuse me."

Violet was about to leave, but Richard stopped her by holding her hand. "I mean it, dear Violet, I fancy you", he told her with a kind of soothing voice. Violet gulped. "Why don't you give us a chance?", Richard continued. "I'm not a rapist. I just see something special in you what other women don't have. Look, don't you have a crush on any celebrity who's in his mid fourties?" - "Of course I do", Violet answered right away, "but that's not the same. I'm crushing on them because they're famous and talented." Violet stood up. Richard was still holding her. "I can be famous for you", he replied. Violet released her hand from his. "Gross!", she shouted. "You're old enough to be my dad!" She ran away.


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