Minli Trip for Supplies

by patrick

In the 60's, Minli's was a teenager who lived in a small poor village in China. The village was out of supplies like: food, wood and money because they lived in a dead forest. The hungry villagers were sad because no one volunteered to get the supplies they needed to survive. The reason no one volunteered was because the legend of the evil leprechaun. Minli volunteered because she didn't believe it and she was hungry she went to search for the needed items. She walked down to the corner store where there were no supplies they needed. She asked the paranoid young man, "Do you have any wood?" The man yelled, "No! and if you're not gonna get anything get out! Then the man kicked her out, milini thought that a mean. Next, she went to the lemonade stand in the middle of the park She hoped the man had the strawberries she wanted. She said to the man, "Do you have any berries?" The man uttered, "No sadly." She got tired of asking people for supplies, so she went into the wilderness. The wilderness is right by her village, She started cutting down trees with an axe and after she grabbed 55 strawberries. She didn't get the most important thing, money, for her village; however.... On the way home, she saw a small leprechaun with a gold chain. She knew that leprechauns carried gold, so she followed him and stayed out of his sight. When she got to the leprechaun's old shack she got a creepy feeling; it made her hair stick up. She thought it smelled like sweaty gym socks, but she was so happy when she found the pot of gold in the middle of the shack. Then she saw the leprechaun coming at her with a knife, so she ran away but what she didn't know was that the leprechaun had lured her there so he could eat her for dinner! She was running, dodging through the woods with all her might. Trees in front of her with every step. She was tired, but she knew she would have to keep running or else she would perish. She ran through the gates of her village and slammed them in the leprechaun's face. Milini never had to get supplies again. She was happy she didn't trip Then milini and her village celebrated the chief gives her a gold plated metal that said milini the hero of the village.

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