Anti-vaxxer or Pro-choice

by Adventure Wynn

Are there Helminthic type benefits from communicable inconveniences like measles and chicken pox? Are pharmaceutical companies the only ones studying this? Should we trust them? These are the same companies bribing doctors to maintain profits. I can appreciate the position of a person with a compromised immune system but my concern is that people are trading these Helminthic benefits without even knowing they exist. Trading a healthy immune system designed to work in conjunction with these communicable inconveniences for 21st century issues like psoriasis, crohns, lupus...If you are of the belief that a person should have total control over there reproductive system then why is the idea of having control over their immune system so strange? There are many examples in history of sciences being hindered by egos enforcing educated ignorance on everyone, even without the influence of a trillion dollar industry concerned with profits. Instead of the insult of labeling someone anti-vaxxer, like a flat earther, why cant they be pro- immunity...if not for the trillion dollar industry pushing this insult to maintain profits? Call me a heretic...

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