Still Thinking Out Loud...

by Adventure Wynn

Political arguments remind me of the fights we used to get into as high schools. Like Warren against Marietta. Just like back then I couldn't fight on the side I was supposed to.

When I was young I actively thought about finding a role model. The only alternative I saw in the pool of morons was at the library. I read about Martin Luther King Jr. And in retrospect was a horrible choice if happiness was my goal. The problem is I never thought about my goal in life when seeking out a role model. I just chose a great man not really knowing what made him so great.

This first biography started me down a rabbit hole of stories about revolutionaries. That's not the path of happiness. Modeling your life after MLK or Thoreau or Jesus Christ is not going to produce a happy carefree life. I guess I missed the point and chose to follow them instead of interpretations of their teachings. Most think Jesus taught about love I understand him to be a head cracker. Someone who would do anything to make a point.

For instance on 911 what did you think? I guarantee that's not what I immediately thought. No one in history has done something like that without a legit reason. Like knowing you will be crucified and still doing it cause it's the right thing. And there was one then and still is. Condemning bin Laden unquestioningly is about the same in my mind as condemning Pancho Villa or Fidel Castro. I'm not responsible for bin Laden, guilt does not cloud my judgment anymore than hatred toward him. I understand why Benedict Arnold betrayed the US just like I understand why Pancho Villa betrayed the US. The governments job was and is to make you take it personal. As long as they get you to take it personal they never have to address the real cause.

How is a high school pep rally different from the "2 minute hate" in 1984? Aren't they just practice for the real thing. When your side demands you side with them and hurl invective at the other side? How is this so much different than the two party political system? Could this be the point of always cutting the pie in half? "US" against "them" always forever. BTW I'm not asking for an answer to these questions. They're supposed to make you think outside your box.

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