A Baby Having Everything

by Kilroy1945


This is a book based of a nightmare I had. I am going to leave out some details, like a guy who gets decapitated after putting his head in a piano to repair it. But the dream's major plot will remain intact. This book will also include some of my real life friends, as characters. Hope you enjoy the story...

Tommy was going to his father's laboratory for a school field trip. They were going to see his newest invention. On the way there, the other kids were talking about how excited they were. Meanwhile Tommy was internally panicking. Just staring forward into the seat in front of him, blankest expression. He knew what they were going to see. He had been there with the prototype disaster. When they got there, they were greeted by Tommy's dad, William. Who showed them a big half dome theater, in which was a chair.

The chair had two arm rests on it, a big metal box on the back, and a bowl shaped device connected to the box, and the bowl had little spikes on the inside of it. To demo it, he used one of his engineers who was afraid of spiders. He sat him down in the chair, flipped the switch on the back of the machine.

There was a few seconds of sparks. And then nothing. Tommy's father then put a spider on the worker's shoulder. The worker looked at it. Then brushed it off. The students applauded.

But Tommy just stood there, silently panicking. The other students all raced to try the machine. One after the other, like products moving to the next stage of assembly. On the way back, Tommy's friend Matt kept asking Tommy why he didn't try the machine. "...trust me...you don't want to know..." he said. You want to know. Don't you? Well here you go. With any machine it has to go through prototyping. Tommy was watching when some of the prototyping was going on.

One of William's workers sat in the machine.

But when he flipped the switch, the spikes on the inside of the bowl stabbed through the worker's head. There was blood everywhere. But while Tommy was barfing all over the place, William was smiling from eye to eye. That's another thing I should say. William was never his original name. He's had over 200 names.

But that's besides the point. When Tommy got home, William asked "You didn't tell anyone did you?"

"...no sir..." replied Tommy, knowing what would happen if he had. "Good...we don't want a repeat of the cleanser incident." William continued. "...no sir..." Tommy replied.

The next day at school people were yapping like dogs, about what William might invent next. Tommy, on the other hand, was having PTSD about what had happened with the prototype, and the people talking about the field trip weren't helping. That night Tommy contemplated whether or not he should call the cops.

When he got home that night, he decided that enough was enough. He went to the phone and called the cops. William overheard Tommy saying, "William Azar is using his machines to cover up murders! They don't do anything! No machine he has made has ever done what he has sa--". Just before he could finish, William ripped the phone out of Tommy's hand. Tommy raced around his house while his father was holding a knife. Tommy found a cabinet to hide in. The cabinet was small, but just big enough to fit him.

Tommy's heart was like a jackhammer. Pounding faster and faster, harder and harder, every few seconds. Tommy heard footsteps getting closer. He held his breath. His heart still pounding like a jackhammer. He then heard the door burst open. Then he heard a man shouting, "GO! GO! GO!". Tommy then heard his father shouting, "NO! GET OFF ME! GET THE HELL OFF ME! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HE CAN DO! I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN STOP HIM! LISTEN TO ME!". Tommy left the cabinet to see his father getting dragged away by two SWAT officers. Tommy also was brought to the police station and found a foster home. The next day while Tommy was reading the paper, he saw a headline that read, 'William Azar imprisoned in mental institute'.

The article below said that William had been using snake oil machines to cover up murders. Tommy felt relieved that he no longer had to fear the potential of his own father killing him. A few years later, Tommy got a letter from an anonymous person telling him to meet the person at the Canebale Cafe, which had opened about a year after William had been arrested. The place was empty. The bar area was lit though. Tommy sat at a bar stool. He took a look at the menu that was on the bar. He flipped through it, until he found the main course section. He couldn't believe what he saw. Teenager stew, Toddler on a stick, 20 year old liver. But the last thing was where he really was disturbed. "A BABY HAVING EVERYTHING?!" he cried. "Well...it's nice that we can agree on something." Someone nearby said. Tommy turned to his left. The man who had used the cleanser was sitting by him. His flesh was peeling off of his face like he had been tearing at it for years. His mouth had no flesh by it. Like he had ripped it off, leaving just his skull. Tommy started screaming just before the man lunged at him.

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