Maria Rose

by Talka


Supernatural short story so if I wanted to describe it I would spoil it. Oh, and for some reason, there isn't an option of making this for all ages but it really is for all ages.

So sorry for grammar and dialogue mistakes because I am not native Engish or American so this isn't my first language. Hope you like story.

I sat on the bed in the room with my nose in the book. I was just reading about Maria Curie's invention when I heard a knock at the door. I put the book down on the bedside table and ran to open it. Alex was standing in the doorway. I have the craziest idea in the world - he said mysteriously and stepped into the room. It was one of the guest rooms at the Villa Morrison. My parents went to America for six months and we had to stay at Collins because they were the best friends of my parents. I do not have time - I replied dryly to the kid - we have a final chemistry test in two weeks. Exactly! Two weeks! It's a small eternity! - he exploded. Ok. Only read a few more books, "I said, pointing to five thick books on the bed. Okay. Call when you're done. Although do not be surprised if I am an old man. Each of these books has a thousand pages! - and saying that he left the room. I went to the door and locked it. I covered the curtains. The room was completely dark. Suddenly the room filled with light. I looked at myself. My body turned into a pure diamond. I passed the diamond beam slowly by the metal beam next to the bed. It fell in half. I felt such a strange power that boiled in me. I knew I could do whatever I wanted. I went up one meter up to reach my empty diary so far. I opened it on the blank page and put my hand on the paper. After a moment, the words that I said in my head appeared in a piece of paper. I knew I could do that. I learned it when I broke my right arm and I could not write. I know about my 'powers' in a few years. I have never told anyone about them. Sometimes I wanted to tell Jason or Alex, but something always stopped me.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. I quickly took my usual form and opened the door. Jason was standing there.

We're going to the lake, do you want to come with us? he asked hopefully. I need to study - I replied apologetically. Ok, "he muttered and left. Finally, I thought for a while. After they left, there was total silence and I continued reading my book. After an hour, there was a knock at the front door. Reluctantly, I got out of bed and ran down to open. When I was about to open the door, I remembered that I should first check who, at such a strange time, everyone is sitting and enjoying the sunny day, would knock on Villa Morrison. I went into the kitchen and looked out the window so that the stranger would not notice me. A tall boy stood in front of the door. Even though he was wearing a black cloak hood, I saw blond hair sticking out. That's how he could have been 16 years old. I thought that even if it was some kind of robber, I would probably give him advice. Did I mention that I have a black karate belt? I ran to the door and moved the key in the castle. I looked up. It was only now that I thought he must be taller than I was at least. He entered the house without warning. Who you are? - I asked, but I already knew what he would answer. Get a little boy, "he croaked. I'm a kid? Watch who you're messing with - and saying that I closed the front door. If it's necessary, I'll use the skill, I told myself. I saw him take something out of his pocket. And then I heard the shot. I felt a sharp pain. I sank to the floor in pain. But wait? It does not hurt anymore. I looked over my shoulder. Only a scratch remains after the wound. Only you can afford it? - I said with a smile. You wanted to be alone - he laughed. What's that supposed to mean. Suddenly his hands began to burn and his face filled with a smile. But I was stupid. I immediately turned into a diamond. His jaw dropped. A hot fireball shot at me immediately. What have I been learning lately? And yet! Diamond does not heat up, what luck. He made a strange figure with his hands and cold air struck me. Drop a guy because I'm going to throw you out of here! I shouted. He did not even move. Well, how much can you ask for? I kicked his ass with all my strength. When he was in the air, I opened the front door. He landed face on the stone steps. That's it. "I gasped and closed the door in my face. He will not tell anyone, and nobody will believe him when he says it. I repeat this sentence in my head until I believed it completely. I looked over my shoulder again. There was only a little blood now. But is it possible at all? Ok, he controlled the fire! Well, in the end, everyone is different. I think it's time to tell Alex all of this.

I heard their voices below. So they came back. I pressed the button on the bedside table. I heard voices at the bottom very clearly. Alex come to my room - I said into the microphone on the desk. Kk - Alex's modified voice answered a bit. The speaker broke down.

Five minutes later, I heard a knock at the door.

Come in, "I said. What is going on? - he asked with interest. I told him everything in turn. He looked at me like he was crazy. He suddenly burst out laughing. Nice joke, "he said through tears. He looked like a pig that fell on his face. Without thinking, I flew up several centimeters. His jaw dropped. A moment later he blushed. What is going on? - I was curious. I have to tell you something - he stammered - you're crazy. Seriously? Why do you think so? - I said with a slightly audible mockery in my voice. Because you are in the air - he screamed with irritation. I could not resist. I burst into unrestrained laughter.

The next morning I woke up early, dressed and went to breakfast. I was in a good mood for school. When I entered the kitchen, the entire Collins family was already there. Alex talked to his mother, and Jason sat at the table and ate a toast with cheese Good morning! - I said in a spicy tone. Nobody paid any attention to me. Good morning! - this time I raised my voice. Nothing again. I decided to draw their attention in a different way. I went to the closet and reached out to grab the handle. I felt nothing. As through the air, my hand went through the wood. What happened to me!

Suddenly I got a flashlight. I remembered it quickly. This guy did something. I was sure of it. I floated out the door and then out onto the street. But where is he? I got the first place right away. Abandoned house on Maple Street! I flew quickly there. Nobody was there. I went to the park to think about it. Nothing sticks.

Ahhh - I shouted with anger. What are you so angry? - I heard a voice. I looked behind me. A girl was standing there. There were beautiful girls on the ground. How could she hear me? Do you hear me? I asked uncertainly Well, I'm not deaf yet, "she replied. I burst out laughing. Who you are? I asked curiously. My name is Chloe, and you? - she smiled friendly. Maria, Maria Rose. Why do you hear me? Because it also happened to me - she replied with sadness. - I can show you where I'm mixing. Ok, "I whispered hopefully. Maybe he'll help me get back home - then we can go home, family and friends, would not you?

I do not have family or friends. I came here a few hundred years ago and everyone has been dead for a long time - she stammered uncertainly. Oh, I'm sorry! - I was a bit embarrassed - there is someone besides you? Probably not. - she answered. But there are several hundred years here! And how to get out of here? I asked hopefully. There is no way out! You do not understand? We will be here for eternity! - suddenly changed completely. As if it emanated with power and clouds gathered. I heard lightning. - it's over - she said it in a completely different voice, like a monster. Suddenly she fell to the ground and everything passed. I sat next to her. Her eyes instead of tears, you were full of blood. She wiped them violently and looked at me.

It will be fine, I said and hugged her, but I knew deep in my heart that nothing could be done. I have an idea - I said with mock hope - I will show you my home. Anyway, what's your name? Mia. I'm Maria. Good. Let's go. I led the girl through the park and then to the very end of Maple Street. There stood a large house with a garden stretching all the way to the edge of the Nevermore forest. It was painted in pastel pink and was led by a massive white door. As soon as we entered the garden area, I noticed my apple tree which I planted ten years ago. There were no apples on it because it was only spring, but autumn apples could be picked from red juicy apples.

We went inside. First, I showed Mia the kitchen, then the living room, bathroom, my room, and the living room. Then I showed her the parents' bedroom. I told her that when I was small and I could not sleep, I went to their room and lay down next to them. Suddenly I felt drowsy. The watch was showing at 23:52. I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes. Bah! Boom! I landed in a room I had never seen before. He was full of cards, paintings, and photographs. Suddenly Mia appeared behind me. I looked at one of the Malaysia. There was a girl at the age of thirteen, just like that. She reminded me of someone but she could not remember who. I turned to Mia to confess to her but something hit me. It's you! I shouted in shock at the picture. You're right. But what is my picture doing here? I went to the notebook which lay open on the desk. Ojoj! - I was terrified. What! My dad killed you! What! It is impossible! It was hundreds of years ago! Oh! He is... I never found out what she said because her body slumped limply to the ground. Suddenly I felt a terrible pain and fell to the ground. Last thing I saw was the tall figure of a man with black hair like pitch. It was my father. At that moment, I understood everything. Everything made sense. I remembered all those unexplained murders and deaths that deterred people from this small town. Now I know it was him. And the boy who attacked me at home was my brother who "Lost" Ten years ago. I was sure.

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