Ongoing Playwrite: The Changing Seasons.

by Shadow Night


I'll be updating it here and there by per scene.

*NOTES: italic lettering is setting the sean and actions, Brackets set the type of dialogue. Action is what actors are doing also these two: **

Scene 1 Part 1 starts

Action: As the first scene starts there is a young man wearing a leather jacket and ripped jeans sitting underneath a willow tree gazing towards Lilly whose in a pale blue dress surrounded by fog, her back is facing the audience while James is facing towards the audience, and the audience can clearly see James. It appears to be in the middle of the night

[James Aside] James: Her beautiful face still haunts my dreams. Her sweet melodic voice softly echos in my ears; But yet, I may never touch her soft delicate skin again. Her shadow walks beside me, her smell surrounds me; But yet I may never gaze in her sweet almond eyes. [end of aside] *sobs*

Action: At the same time as James recite his Aside, Lilly approaches James; smiles then softly hums a beautiful tune. once James starts the monologue She stops humming. And walks off stage right after James Monologue

[James Monologue] James: Oh Frost's words were so true, "Her early leaf's a flower, but only so an hour" [small pause] Why did my sweet Lilly have to wilt, dooming herself to be clipped by the gardener? *sighs* [James Monologue continues] Lilly is that you?! Oh, please let it be true! Action: He stands up and tries to touch Lilly, but his hand just goes through the fog. he then pulls his hand to his chest and starts speaking again [James Monologue continues] Don't torcher me like this Lilly! [small pause] Action: As he says the next part, he flings his hand over his heart to the side of him then put his arm down. [James Monologue continues] It's painful enough that you're gone! another light is snuffed out leaving only darkness where you used to burn! [James Monologue ends]

Action: Lilly is now off stage, and now James is standing near the willow, his brother, John, is in a white tank top and pants walks onto the scene a few moments following James monologue, as James and John speak, John swiftly walks towards James and puts his arm around James's neck.

[dialogue between James and John starts] John: You still miss her, don't you? James: *sighs* Yes I do miss her. John: Well then, don't be sad, be gla- *James cuts in and pulls away from John* James: HOW CAN I BE GLAD?! MY FIANCE, YOUR FUTURE SISTER-IN-LAW DIED, DON"T YOU GET IT !? HOW CAN YOU BE GLAD!? John: *without losing his temper* Don't you think I miss her too? Now before you interrupted me, what I was going to say was, 'Be glad she's not suffering from pain anymor- * James interrupts again* James: DON"T LECTURE ME ON WHAT I KNOW AND DON"T KNOW, JUST CUZ YOUR THE OLDER BROTHER Action: James walks towards John, while speaking his sentence he pokes John in the chest a few times, then after he finished talking he shoves John out of the way to walk off stage, while John watches James leave. John: *says this before James gets off stage, does this pointing a finger at James * GET BACK HERE, I LOVED HER MORE THAN YOU EVER DID, YOU JUST WANTED HER SO YOU CAN RUB IT IN MY FACE. *James is off stage now* [dialogue between James and John ends]

Action: a few seconds after James left the stage, John sighs, balancing himself against the tree, facing the tree, he sobs a few times, while hitting his fist against the tree's bark, then starts his monologue

[Johns Monologue] John: She wouldn't have us morn for her, instead, celebrate it, and not let her death be in vain by doing what she thought was good. Her good was being kind to everyone, helping those in need, and giving compliments to people. [short pause] But why doesn't James see that? [Johns Monologue ends]


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