Suicide for a Purpose

by Trypofar

Lisa shivers at the cold wind. its pitch black out there, not even starlight shines tonight. she is standing on the railing of a 12 floor high raise building with a single purpose in mind. to jump off, end the misery, end it for a purpose. there are people down there, she can see. dozens of them. small lights in their hand. candles? she can see something right below her, like a net with five glowing lights at the corner. so they made their preparation. she expects someone will come to talk if she waits more. she should jump now. but in the end she hesitates. she has failed even in this. she started to come down. then she hears footsteps behind her. someone has come. she turns back see who is it. but before she can do so, a strong hand grabs her neck and hurls her over the railing. all she could hear then was scream. hers, frantic chanting from the people below, a long howl from the man above and of wind, wheezing past.

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