At the End of the Road

by KenyaP


a short story of a girl from the edge of town

Stacy lived at the edge of town. She was an only child and lived with her mom who was a single mother. Her mother always told her that she should be careful when traveling into town. One-night Stacy was walking into town to go see a movie at the local cinema when she could hear the faint scream of a cry for help. She continued to walk down Forrest road until she came to an intersection at the end of the road. To get to town you usually make a left turn, but her heart kept telling her to go right. As she continued to walk into the opposite direction, she came across a car that was still running. Stacy looked inside the car and saw blood, a lot of blood. "What do I do?" Stacy thought to herself. She grabbed her phone and called 911. As she spoke to the dispatcher she began to walk into the woods. She was terrified but she knew she had to find an explanation for all that blood inside of that car. "Help!" "Help me!" "Somebody, Anybody!" Stacy ducked down low and started creeping closer towards the cry for help. Her mom had been so adamant about safety that Stacy always carried a taser and pepper spray with her. As she turned the flashlight from her phone to see her surrounding area that's when she saw it. There was a little girl, probably 16, just a few years younger than Stacy bleeding uncontrollably. "I'm too late."

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