American Political Dilema Today

by Adventure Wynn

It really stinks cause I have been entertained up until now by the age of reality politics. You got to admit internal conflicts are far more entertaining than vaporizing innocent wedding parties or destabilizing countries. Obviously I am not enjoying it as a participant but as an observer of American History. This is a grand epoch we're witnessing.

Half the country believing a socialist will get elected into that system... Or fooling themselves into thinking a socialist will get the nomination this time when last primary clearly proved it is forbidden. The bar of standards has been removed and some people will vote for a young woman who was a bar-tender 6 months ago!? A big mouth and a quick wit for insult seem to be the only prerequisites. We got blue collar guys swearing to fight to the death for an out of touch millionaire real estate narcissist. These aren't the best and brightest America has to offer. They are the only ones that can navigate the process to the end. Almost no former President could graduate from the current process successfully. It's a joke of a process. Propagandists from all over the world are flocking to the US for their piece of Pavlovian influence.

Political discourse is so beyond normal but everyone thinks they're not the problem. Everyone assumes it's someone else or another group. And everyone is absolutely convinced they are right and someone else is wrong. The age of humility is dead. How is this gonna change or end? Or is this the new normal? I wish I didn't have friends stuck there.

As a recent convert to non voter, only for my mental health as a last resort, political affiliation doesn't effect me... if I like a person or not. I do like some leftists and some Obama types but not Obama... He's another Mother Fucker like George W. Like Bush he meant well but he didn't do good. I also like and respect Trump supporters as much but as an observer I can't ignore the facts. At the base Trump employed traitors, that exposes his judgment. From that point on a supporter without serious reservations own judgment must be questioned. And "assuming there's something going on that the average person can't understand" isn't a reason to ignore facts. It looks pretty obvious.

I see the bigger picture though. No President is elected or electable who will champion any blue collar type. I don't see a scenario in the future or in history that can offer hope things will ever be better. You're just not the same people you were in the 80's. Every year you're diluted with a new generation of more impulsive, less thoughtful people. Every generation is less informed than the last. All the information of the world is in the palm of your hand but every generation feel less and less need for it because they are more and more convinced by technology they understand.

Political podcasts have been ruined by the lack of intellectual exchange. It was amusing at first but the cliff is clearly visible and I see all the lemmings starting that direction. The savior or destroyer of the US will approach it the same way, by forcing you to sacrifice your freedom because your freedoms have opened your country up to manipulation. It's like in the communist manifestó, Marx says that a communist country in a world of Capitalist countries will not survive because it will be taken advantage of. A country with unlimited access to freedom will have that turned on them by forces and other countries with less freedom. You are living proof of that. You are a participant in this epoch that proves this is true.

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