When You Hear Someone Announce They Are a Capitalist.

by Adventure Wynn

Another thing I have noticed from living outside the US looking back in is all the artificial lines of division. Where are the lines that unite? I used to think the best thing that could happen would be an alien invasion because people would realize their similarities real quick. Sexual orientation, political affiliation, geographic location, these things wouldn't matter because they don't matter in reality.

They are only imposed on you by indoctrination. They only matter because you have it so easy that you are easily distracted from the important things. For instance, how many of you have lost a job to an illegal immigrant? How many of your wages suffer from these same immigrants? In reality none of you. There are only those of you who think someone has and those that don't care.

I wonder sometimes if the Bill of Rights ain't another way of making you expect less. The original 10 amendments to the constitution hasn't exactly increased your freedom. In reality they make you focus only on those and passively surrender other aspects of life. I've been to a few other countries and the average person seems to have more freedom than in the US.

Wouldn't you consider Health care a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Other countries that don't accept freedom as something the gov't lets you have expects this as part of the deal of governance. The American govt doesn't let you have freedom. It convinces you it does while making you think you have to sacrifice for it.

Take "The Americans with Disabilities Act". Does that give more freedom to people? Or does that really strap society with a extra tax for being healthy? Of course it provides more freedom and it is because of the concept of Socialism. That's where this idea that we offer support to the less fortunate among us comes from. The crazy thing is in all the more "Socialist" countries I've visited, including Chile, none offer anything as socialistic as a disabilities act.

Here in Chile if you can't navigate the busted up sidewalk it's your own responsibility. Isn't personal responsibility more freedom? The freedom to fall on your face if you don't pay attention? The freedom to step in dog shit if you are not paying attention. Why can't you step in dog shit in an American city? It's because the concept of Socialism. Everyone acting for the betterment of the group. Give your more to receive your less.

No lobby group represents the dog shit industry that's why you are not aware that is a form of socialism. But Health care, there's trillions of dollars in that so of course that's the focus of the Capitalists anti socialism campaign.

America needs to get with reality and realize that your country is more socialistic than most any other. You can't piss in public, you can't Jay walk, you can't stack trash in your yard or your neighbors will call the police. It's mostly because of the idea of socialism that you have a Police Industry. Do away with all these imposed limitations and you wouldn't have a need for this industry. I can't think of a law that you live under in the US that isn't because of the idea of socialism. This is kind of why the world laughs at you most of the time. You think your shit don't stink.

The TV, your gov't, your religion, your school tells you that something is a problem so you accept it is. But it isn't a real problem, it is only a way of dividing you into smaller more manageable groups. I had this realization about sports earlier. You are told it teaches teamwork and unity, but I am convinced that an unintended consequence is it teaches division based on imaginary lines. How else can you explain the lack of unity in the US? I really think once you accept that life is about choosing sides you are ready to be an American voter.

Your religion, your country and your gov't depend on these divisions to survive. The second these divisions loose there control over your mind you become unpredictable, useless to that American system. They can't use you and prey on your energies for themselves. I wish you could see this from out here. I wish you could live in a country of united people instead of united states because your states are all the same, one of exploitation.

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