On Cold Dead Wings

by Shadow Night


On cold dead wings we fly, on cold dead wings we'll die. (this was Part of an assingment for my science class, called "

The Strange Case of Mole Airlines Flight 1023") HOPE YOU ENJOY

On cold dead wings we fly, on cold dead wings we'll die.

I brought my first ticket ever for a flight headed south - my home. My mother's heart was set on having me fly home instead of drive home like usual. And of course, like any good son, I listened to their logical thinking, and did what I was told. After all, 3 hours of flying and doing an activity book beats the 20 hours of driving in incremented weather.

Among the flurry right before the security check my friend and confident Jim decided to join me. Luckily, he's always wanted to see Alabama, not only that, but his secret, homemade, vanilla will help me make a fluffy, decadent white cake for my parents' anniversary.

Well, going through the security was smooth, except for a girl in front of us, she was arguing to the security guard that her antidepressants where prescribed and needed, and that she's going to miss her flight. After what seemed for a while, the guard let her through.

After we got through the security check-in, Jim nudged me and said "That girl in the black hoodie, She's my EX. She didn't do so well after I broke-up with her, so she got anti-depressant meds.... She almost tried to kill me once....". We continued walking, Then I got curios. "What's her name?" I asked. "her name is Lisa Johnson, I don't know why she would be boarding an airplane." I stared at him "Do you think she knows you're traveling with me, if so, is she stalking you.". "No, it's just a coincidence" he said, as he shrugged it off "I heard she had a Another boyfriend, but he dumped her as well, If I'm correct I think his name was norm."

Anyways, we boarded the airplane 1023. And it was a smooth flight until....

"so, what where you saying Jim" I said, one hour into hour flight. "Yea, I got my food handler's card renewed again." he responded. "Flight Attendant, Can I get a glass of water" "It'll be a dollar, is that all right?". "Yes" he responded. "Hey Lisa, is staring at you" I said in a whisper. "So, it's not like she can do anything," He went back to his Gameboy color, I was jealous because he had an antique with the games Pokémon red, blue, and yellow.

The flight attendant started to dish out waters to whomever ordered water just then Lisa was distracting the flight attendant as she poured something brown in the drink, and it turned clear. "Did you see that?" I whispered to Jim. "Yes, it could've been anything, from curare to nutmeg" he whispered back. The flight attendant didn't notice the tampered water. I watched as she gave the contaminated drink to a male wearing a white tank top. He chugged it down and asked for another. Jim cringed "Did he really drink it?" he whispered to me "yep, I wonder what's going to happen to him", "Let's just wait and see".

Nothing happened to him except he went to sleep. "Hey, Jim he just went to sleep" "really, that's just it?" "yup" I said to him. Then the Pilot mentioned, will all of you please take a seat and buckle up, we're having turbulence, thank you. After he said that, in a compartment a small explosion went off, everyone but that guy ducked. Then a bigger explosion, followed which tor a major hole on the side of the airplane.

At that point everyone was screaming, the pilot tried to reassure us, but everyone knew that we were going to die. The left engine caught on fire and fell, Sending us faster into the ground. While some of us survived, we all pushed and shoved. None of us got out alive as the right engine exploded killing everyone else.

My last thoughts while alive was... "I should've drove, Why me? Why us?" then the scorching pain".

I woke up shaking that dream of mine. And of course, my phone has been called twenty times by My mom insisting that I fly home, instead of drive. However, I had a bad feeling and decided to drive. While driving, I heard on the radio station "A plane crashed, due to unknown explosions.... eight people identified, none survived. According to police, one of them died exactly one hour before the plain when up in flames."

That's weird, I was going to take that exact plain home, Lucky I didn't.

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