Presidents Washington and Eisenhower Are Spinning in Their Graves

by Adventure Wynn

Kushner has financial investments with Zionism/apartheid in Israel. We all know that's right? He is the only mid east adviser that Trump is listening to. If one argument for invading the Middle East was it is better to fight them there than here, then why wouldn't this be a motivating factor for Israel to lobby for American intervention in their neighbors? The chain reaction of destabilization in the surrounding countries fueled radical Islam and created a permanent situation for the Military industry. Exactly like President Washington and President Eisenhower prophesied in their farewell addresses. Both of them left what they thought was the most dangerous warning about the future. Washington warned about satélite countries dragging us into conflict and Eisenhower warned about the Military Industrial complex getting too much influence in foreign policy. Now one of the most stable countries in the mid east is Iran. Who do you think is lobbying for that invasion?

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