by Cassidy


This is my first attempt at a short story, I have been forever reading and fascinated by the supernatural / horror themes and always had many ideas that i wanted to get out there. So this is a short story of a doll maker who uses real human influences.

Harriet's head throbbed and she felt nauseous. Disorientated and her every muscle in her body aching, she opened her eyes. her vision faded in and out but as her eyes started to focus she could see she was in a dark room. A horrible smell overcame her she gagged as she tried to cover her nose but she couldn't move her arms, she could feel the rope constricting her hands behind her.

She started to panic and tried to untie her hands but all her strength was gone. Her heart rate went into overdrive and she finally saw her surroundings more clearly.

She was in a shed, there were shelves on one wall, a door and on the other side were cages, filled with something she couldn't make out, but it seemed to be alive. The table in the middle of the room was covered in blood and she could see a human body laying half mutilated and dismembered. The parts that were taken off were in a large silver bowl on the ground. A huge black dog was tied to a post next to it, blood still stained its mouth.

Tears started streaming down her face, she struggled against the ropes but they just dug into her skin and didn't weaken.

She shook as she realized she was trapped god knows where and nobody knew where she was.

The last thing she remembered was looking at her watch at 11:36, it was pitch black where she waiting for a ride. There were houses nearby but they were dark and few and far between. She was nervous as she waited for the taxi.

She was by herself in a foreign country. She wished she hadn't left her hotel to meet up with the other backpackers. She didn't really understand the language they spoke or the address they gave, she had no idea if it was right or not all she saw was a single streetlight down the street from where she was standing in the cold when she felt a strange tingly feeling and the glow from the streetlight faded as her eyes grew heavy and closed.

She herd footsteps approaching the door, then a lock being undone and the creaking as the door slowly opened. A man entered the room and looked straight at her. He was 6 ft tall and solid, with a dirty white cloth tied up to hide the bottom half of his face. He walked to the table and pulled the body off with one hand and threw it in what looked to be an old freezer. He came over to her a untied to ropes.

"please let me go" Harriet cried knowing it wouldn't help but trying anyway "i haven't seen your face just let me go you wont get caught" he said something to her in what sounded like Bulgarian and threw her onto the table.

She struggled free and managed to punch him in the face but it didn't even faze him. She scrambled to the ground and saw a hammer, she lunged for it and swung it into his face, he barely blinked. He grabbed her and pulled it out of her hand with force and then tied her hands behind her back again. She screamed until he gagged her.

She noticed the door and made one last dash towards it almost snapping her ankle landing on the floor but he was quicker then her. He grabbed her hands and threw her against the table. She felt pain sear down her back and legs and she crumbled to the floor. He grabbed a syringe and injected it straight into her spine. The last thing she saw before she passed out was the man looking at her face and holding it in his hands "you will be a good poppet" he said in broken English as darkness closed in.

She came to again in a chair, this room was cleaner, like a normal living room. As she looked down she realized her hands were not tied, neither were her legs, she tried to stand but she couldn't move, she had no control, she couldn't move a muscle. Her heart raced as she tried to scream, she was paralised.

When the man came back again, he picked her up like she was nothing and carried her out the door, down a hallway into a bathroom. He sat her propped up against the wall. He grabbed a knife from the bench and knelt over her, all she could do was stare at him and beg him with her mind not to do what he was about to do. She closed her eyes as he took the knife and cut straight into her stomach, pain went through her whole body. She couldn't even contract her muscles or escape the pain in anyway as he cut into her abdomen. She could only sit there quietly as he moved her organs around. She could feel his hands inside her touching her and moving things, it was a strange sensation when he grabbed her stomach from the inside. After what was an eternity, he pulled his hand out and grabbed a sewing needle and started to sew up her incision, she felt every stitch pierce her skin until the pain became unbearable and she blacked out.

She woke up and looked around at her surrounding, she was back in the doll room. There was another large doll sitting on a bench with its head down next to her. The whole room was filled with porcelain dolls, puppets, stuffed animals and other wooden toys. She herd the door again and the man came in. The terror she felt was indescribable, she wanted to run but no matter what she couldn't even scream, he picked her up like a rag doll and threw her and the other doll over his shoulder and carried them out to a van.

She looked over at the the doll sitting next to her. Her blue eyes were fixed on Harriet like she was trying to tell her something, like she was trying to scream help but Harriet couldn't do anything. Her chest was rising and falling, she was alive too.

When the car finally stopped he opened the back door and covered them both in hessian bags. He carried them over and sat them on another chair. Harriet couldn't see anything but she could hear people talking, there was a crowd, they were speaking a language she couldn't understand but it was definitely a crowd of people.

She sat in the dark for a while, trying to figure out what to do. She couldn't speak, she didn't care what happened to her she just wanted to get out alive, she just wanted to see her family again. They had told her not to travel by herself, she didn't know how long it had been but her mum would already be freaking out that she hadn't called. What if she never saw them again.

The bag came off her head and she opened her eyes. She was at a market, there were people everywhere, it was dark and they seemed to be in the middle of the woods, like a gypsy commune. They had set up tents and market tables, selling foods,clothing and jewelry. She felt hope for the first time, but she didn't know how she could get someones attention, surely they would see that she was real, if they were close enough, her eyes were moving and she was breathing. She couldn't give up or just sit here. This was her escape she had to do whatever it takes.

She looked over and saw the other girl, she could see her chest slowly rise and fall, her eyes stared straight out at the people, trying to get their attention. She looked down and that's when she saw the others. One was a young child around two and as she looked next to the child doll there was a basket with a young baby wrapped in a blue blanket, next to a sign that said something and in English underneath it said, lifelike child dolls! for sale.

Harriet saw an old man start wandering over to the stand, the kidnapper had taken off his mask and was now wearing a brown suit. His face was scarred and haggered and looked even more horrendous without the mask. He talked to the man in a strange language as he looked at her close up, he nodded his head as she moved her eyes trying to let him know she was real.

He was followed by an elderly lady who stood next to him. "wow very lifelike" she said in an American accent, her husband spoke in an accent "yes good quality, these are hard to come by" he said. The men moved off as the lady came closer to inspect them. Harriet tried with all her might to move her hand, she clawed and struggled, she blinked as fast as she could but it must of been slower than it felt as the lady didn't even seem to notice. She struggled until she finally managed to feel her voice crackling, she opened her mouth and whispered "help me" the lady stood back and looked at her, shocked. She then looked down at the younger child dolls and looked at them closely. She then went over to the men, Harriet felt her heart shudder with excitement, she herd the lady say to her husband "i don't want the baby doll, its useless, it isn't breathing anymore" she said as her husband thanked the man and they walked away. The tall man looked over at the baby doll and glared at it, It was at the moment that Harriet prayed for the first time in her life for the same fate.

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